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PRESS RELEASE Launches Online Travel Guide for Mountain Province in Northeastern Thailand

SAKON NAKHON, ThailandAug. 25, 2022 – A new Thailand travel website has been launched to promote the province and city of Sakon Nakon. Located in the Northeastern region of Thailand, Sakon Nakhon is an off the beaten path destination of which few foreign tourists are aware. The website aims to change that.

“When it comes to Thailand tourism, Sakon Nakhon truly is a hidden jewel,” says Uraiwan Thappila, a spokesperson for the website. “You could spend a week here visiting majestic temples, hiking trails that were once tread by revered Buddhist monks, dining in lovely Thai restaurants, shopping for traditional Indigo fashion, and much more, without ever meeting a foreign tourist.”

According to Khun Uraiwan, Sakon Nakhon is a popular tourist destination for Thai people, especially those who live in the Northeastern Thai region known as Isaan (also spelled Esan). The province is home to the largest Catholic community in Thailand, and many Thais visit the village of Ban Tha Rae at Christmas to see hundreds of homes covered with lights. They also visit Sakon Nakhon to make merit at Buddhist temples such as Wat Tham Kham, which was home to the famous Thai monks Ajahn Thate Desaransi and Ajahn Fan Acharo.

The reason many foreign tourists haven’t visited Sakon Nakhon in the past is due to a lack of tourism infrastructure to support English speaking tourists. “You have to be somewhat of an intrepid traveler to visit Sakon Nakhon,” says Khun Uraiwan. “You shouldn’t expect many people you encounter to have much in the way of English skills (even at hotels and resorts), or menus that are translated into English. However, if you are skilled at using the Google translate app you can get by well enough. Plus our new website helps a lot!” has been slowly building its Thai travel guide over the past year, focusing at first primarily on the province’s 100s of mountain, forest, and city temples. There are also profiles of several arts and crafts shops, restaurants, and coffee shops, as well as pages promoting the province’s vibrant arts community, and the culture and people of Sakon Nakhon, including prominent “changemakers who are dedicated to developing their communities.

The website also features a “Thailand Off the Beaten Path” blog, written by David Alan, a long time foreign educator in Thailand. The blog features general interest articles which often explore Thai culture in a deeper, more nuanced manner than has been done in the past.