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Sakon Nakhon Weather

Sakon Nakhon Weather Forecast

Weather Advice for Sakon Nakhon Tourism

Sakon Nakhon weather is a bit different from many areas of Thailand in that the cool season (Nov.-Feb.) is actually cool! In fact, it is the coldest place in Thailand. The coolest period is usually mid-December to mid-January, when temperatures during the night and early morning can actually get down to the low 50s F (11-12C).

However, Sakon Nakhon weather can fluctuate pretty sharply during the cool season, with temperatures still getting up to the mid 80s F (27-29 C) during the day. Even if is hot during the daytime, be sure to check the Sakon Nakhon weather report, because you still may need a sweater or coat if you are outside during the evening. As there are no heaters in homes, you’ll often see rural people warming themselves by outside fires in the morning at this time of year.

It is difficult to say which season is best for visiting Sakhon Nakhon, the cool season or the rainy season. While it is great to experience cooler weather during your travels through Sakon Nakhon, an autumn scent in the air, the countryside is more lush during the rainy season, with the rice fields full, waterfalls overflowing, and everything in bloom.

Sakon Nakhon has a tropical savanna climate. Don’t worry too much about being caught in the rain during the rainy season. The heavy rains mostly occur at night, with daytime rains being usually a passing shower or thunderstorm. Rarely do we get all day rains, except when a typhoon rolls through, like the one which caused terrible floods in 2017. These, however, do not occur often.

Who provides the best Sakon Nakhon weather report? We usually use AccuWeather, primarily because of their excellent weather radar. Using their radar can be especially handy during the rainy season to ensure that you don’t get caught in a thunderstorm with no shelter. We’ve also embedded a handy weather radar and current Sakon Nakhon weather report above.

What about the hot season (March-May)? Well, it does get very hot during that time, hotter than Bangkok. In fact, Sakon Nakhon recently became the hottest place in Thailand with a record high temperature of 47.7° C (118°F). High temperatures into the 90s F (32-34 C) will often extend into the first couple months of the rainy season. The high heat, coupled with the vegetation shriveling from lack of rain, makes the hot season the least best time to visit Sakon Nakhon.

The only hot season plus is that fewer people are out visiting famous tourist attractions, such as Wat Tham Pha Daen, so you’ll often have these places much to yourselves. It’s also nice to take a floating raft onto Nong Han Lake this time of year, while dipping your feet in the water, enjoying a cool beverage, and sampling some delicious Thai food that you bought on land.

David Alan