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Sakon Nakhon Arts & Culture

Sakon Nakhon has a thriving arts community, led in part by a growing number of artist entrepreneurs such as Prach Niyomkar of Mann Craft,  Khun Liu of the Dusty Rust-Eze Art N’ Craft Bar, and culinary artist Tammawit Limlertcharoenvanich of House Number 1712. Arts and culture are also promoted by the province’s two universities: Kasetsart University and Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University, the latter of which is home to the Thongthawapee Art Gallery, which regularly has exhibitions of both modern art and traditional Thai art.

Sakon Nakhon is home to an extraordinary number of mountain, forest, and city temples, many of which are not only sacred temples, but (from an aesthetic viewpoint) Thai art galleries. These temple galleries display a beautiful variety of Buddhist and Hindu art (sculptures and paintings) that are striking in their originality, inspiring us to write a post about how Every Sakon Nakhon Temple is Different. We have chosen a few of the most notable temples (from an arts & culture standpoint) below.

The Sakon Nakhon arts scene is intertwined with its craft scene, all of which reflect the vibrant culture of this Northeastern (Isaan) Thai province, whose fascinating history traces back to the ancient era of Khmer rule. Famous for its Indigo dyed fashion and handwoven fabrics, Sakon Nakhon craftspeople create clothing that is both fashionable and works of art.


Sakon Nakhon Restaurant Advice

Oct 29
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Oct 29
Best Thai Dipping Sauce

When you ask expats in Sakon Nakhon why they live here, you will get two kinds of responses: the long-winded philosophical treatise and the short but sweet retort. We prefer the latter, especially when it involves Thai food. Over the past decade, Thai restaurants have popped up everywhere in Western countries, giving foreigners a taste […]

Oct 29
MSG in Thai Restaurants in Thailand (Misconceptions)

For decades, people in the West have associated the consumption of MSG with a wide variety of ailments. However, as journalist Alex Renton wrote in his MSG expose in the Guardian: “If MSG is so bad for you, why doesn’t everyone in Asia have a headache?” Renton’s article (which you can read here) is a […]

Sep 17
Ordering Thai Noodles in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

Noodle soup in Thailand is called gŭai-dtĭao, and it is ordered either with wide large noodles (sên yài) or thin noodles (sên lék). The soup includes a dark broth or clear broth. The dark noodle soup is called gŭai-dtĭao nám-dtòk (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวน้ำตก) — the phrase nám-dtòk literally meaning waterfall. However, if you just order gŭai-dtĭao, you […]

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What is The Best Ketchup in Thailand?

Aficionados of the red culinary sauce known as ketchup (Yes, we mean Americans) will be happy to know that ketchup can easily be found in Thailand. In fact, dare we say that Thailand produces the very best ketchup in the world. The best ketchup in Thailand is made by Roza, and it beats the American […]

Sep 12
Eating Street Food in Sakon Nakhon

If you are visiting Sakon Nakhon and aren’t eating the street food, then you simply aren’t living. Thai street food often is the best cuisine to be found in Thailand (and the world), as well as the cheapest. Many tourists and expats shy away from Thai street food because of fears of getting a little […]