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Category: Thai Food

Mar 25
Khanom Dok Bua: Cheap Thai Pancake Dessert

Khanom Dok Bua (ขนมดอกบัว) is a sweet Thai pancake found occasionally at outdoor markets in Thailand. It is one of our favorite snacks, a runner up to Thai fried bananas. While other sweets, such as Roti and Khanom Bueang (ขนมเบื้อง), often are called Thai pancakes, Khanom Dok Bua is the only doughy sweet really deserving […]

Mar 07
Thailand Mangoes: Amazing Benefits, Varieties, and Uses

Back in the 1700s, during the reign of King Boromakot of Ayutthaya, Prince Dhammathibet wrote a poem honoring the Thai mango, which back then was referred to in Thai as “màak-mûang” (หมากม่วง) or “purple betel nut” — not to be confused with the betel nut that has been traditionally chewed as a stimulant (learn more […]

Sep 21
Thailand Eggs: Tasty Dishes & The Thai Omelette

*Seen above is a special skillet used to fry quail eggs in Thailand. If you love eggs, Thailand has many delicious types of eggs and dishes made with eggs. Farm fresh eggs often taste better in Thailand, especially at street food vendors in rural provinces, because the eggs were bought from village egg sellers with […]

Sep 18
Patongko: The Best Donuts in Thailand

Patongko (ปาท่องโก๋), or Thai donuts, are a Thai street food that TasteAtlas has ranked one of the top 5 desserts in the world, followed by Thailand’s mango sticky rice (khao niao mamuang) at #11, fried bananas (gluay thawt) at #45, and bamboo sticky rice (khao lam) at #48. So, the best donuts in Thailand are […]

Sep 13
The Thailand Diet: Lose Weight Fast with Thai Food

The Thai people have a history of being quite skinny and not struggling with their weight. However, this is changing as Western foods have been introduced, as well as highly processed food. If you are in Thailand and struggling with your weight, or are looking for the Thai secret to weight loss and maintaining a […]

Sep 04
Thai Tamarind: So Tasty But Beware!

Tamarind in the Thai language is called má-kăam (มะขาม). Its history in Thailand stretches back over 700 years. Tamarind is believed to have originated in Africa, and then brought to Thailand sometime prior to the reign of King Ram Khamhaeng (Rama the Bold), who ruled the ancient Sukhothai kingdom from 1278 -1 298. Tamarind is […]

Aug 28
Store Bamboo Shoots for Eating In Thailand

Thailand grows the most delicious bamboo in the world. Almost everyone who lives in the Thai countryside has easy access to wild bamboo. So, it’s one of the many free foods that Thai people take advantage of when making dishes such as bamboo shoot curry, fried bamboo shoots with pork, and bamboo shoot soup. Bamboo […]

Jun 20
Snails in Thailand – Most Commonly Seen & Eaten

The Mystery Snail, which is known in Thailand as Hoi Khom (หอยขม), Hoi Joop (หอยจุ๊บ) or Hoi Doot (หอยดูด) is the snail most commonly seen in Thailand. It is found near ponds, canals, and flooded rice fields during the rainy season. Mystery Snails are also called River Snails, Pond Snails, or Marsh Snails. Some have […]

May 21
Yoo vs. Sato vs. Lao Khao (Traditional Thai Spirits)

We’ve discussed what sato is — the homemade rice wine popular in Isaan. Today let’s learn about its kindred spirit yoo (อุ) or lao yoo (เหล้าอุ), which is sometimes incorrectly referred to as lao khao (เหล้าขาว) or white whiskey. Yoo is different from sato (rice wine), as it has a different preparation and fermentation process. […]

Apr 06
The Best Kanom Pia (Mooncakes) in Thailand

For years we’ve ignored the “kanom pia” mooncakes at the 7-11s and mini Big Cs in Sakon Nakhon, thinking they would be disappointing compared to the delicious mooncakes of Chachoengsao province (where the bakers of the best mooncakes in Thailand live). But, that was a mistake. The mooncakes sold at mini Big Cs are made […]

Mar 24
Isan, Thailand: Culinary Capital

Time Magazine recently included Isan (The Northeast of Thailand) among its 50 Greatest Places of the World. It describes Isan (also spelled Isaan) as a culinary capital of Thailand, a region famous for its bold combinations of spicy, sweet, and sour flavors. It noted that Micheline expanded its Thailand guide this year to include Isan, […]

Mar 19
Thai Jackfruit Recipes, Health Benefits, and Nutrition

The jackfruit season in Northeastern Thailand (especially in provinces like Sakon Nakhon) begins March and continues through July. Jackfruit is one of Thailand’s most amazing fruits. And it is used in a variety of Thai dishes, desserts, and salads. It is a superfood, loaded with nutritional value and medicinal benefits (according to traditional Thai folk […]

Mar 10
Who Has the Best Fried Bananas in Thailand?

Many Thai guidebooks and websites will tell you that deep fried bananas, known as kluay tod/thawt (กล้วยทอด) or kluay khaek (กล้วยแขก), are a must-try sweet, Thai snack food. And we could not agree more! Thai fried bananas are one of our favorite street-side deserts in Thailand. However, you must know how and where to buy […]

Mar 02
Thai Rose Apple (Chomphu): Taste, Uses & Benefits

March is harvest time for the Thai rose apple, also known as Chomphu (ชมพู่) or Chompoo in the Thai language. The rose apple is a bell-shaped fruit native not only to Thailand, but other Southeast Asian countries, such as Indonesia and the Philippines. Today, it is also grown in Hawaii, Florida, the Caribbean, and other […]

Feb 23
What is Sato? How to Make & Drink Thai Rice Wine

As February comes to a close in Northeast Thailand, the Thai rice wine (sato) making season begins. While sato (สาโท) can be made all year round, the most popular time for making Thai rice wine is from the end of the cool season through the Songkran holiday in April. Sato is a sweet Isaan wine […]

Feb 17
Red Ant Egg Hunting – Isaan Caviar in Thailand

Now is the start of the red ant egg hunting season in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand. The hunting begins in earnest around mid February, after the first hot period that marks the end of the cool season, especially when the hot weather is accompanied with a bit of rainfall. Both a hot spell and some rain […]

Dec 01
Thai Food with Sour Cream

Can you eat Thai food with sour cream? Yes, you certainly can! Many classic Thai dishes can be mixed deliciously with sour cream. Some cooks have already realized that you can successfully add a dollop of sour cream to many Thai curries, but did you know that sour cream mixes well with the popular noodle […]

Nov 25
Thai Vegetarian Fast Food Sandwiches

Vegetarians have no problem finding dishes to eat in Thailand. Popular destinations like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, and Phuket have many vegetarian restaurants — while most upcountry destinations have at least one or two vegetarian eateries. In addition, it is often easy to order vegetarian variations of many delicious Thai dishes at regular restaurants. However, […]

Oct 21
The Best Khanom Thuai in Thailand

Khanom Thuai Talai (ขนมถ้วยตะไล), often shortened to just Khanom Thuai, is a simple but delicious dessert that you must try when visiting Sakon Nakhon. It’s unlikely that you’ll see this dessert offered at a Sakon Nakhon restaurant, but you will find packages of Khanom Thuai sold at food markets, and occasionally at Thai noodle shops […]

Aug 14
Top 10: Thailand Off the Beaten Track

When searching for Thailand off the beaten track destinations, you inevitably see many places that aren’t off the beaten tourist path at all. For example, Koh Chang, Mae Hong Song, Hat Yai, etc. There certainly isn’t anything wrong with these destinations. In fact, we have been to them all, and love them too. But they […]

Apr 23
Sakon Nakhon Rice Tasting – The Best Rice in Thailand

Pearypie @ Facebook Amata Chittasenee (Pearypie), a Bangkok-based environmentalist, social culture maker, urban farmer, theatrical and makeup artist, has just reported on her trip to taste the best rice in Thailand. She took part in a Sakon Nakhon rice tasting event (หอมข้าวชาวสกล) that was held in Bangkok. Most people are only familiar with two types […]

Oct 29
Thai Food That’s Not Spicy

One of the great joys of living in Thailand is the Thai food. Simple and delicious Thai dishes can be found everywhere for a little more than a dollar. You don’t have to be a spicy food fanatic to enjoy Thai food. There are plenty of Thai dishes that are not spicy but no less […]

Oct 29
Ordering a Larger Portion of Thai Food

Today’s post is not only for tourists to Sakon Nakhon, but also the expats who want to learn how to order a large portion of Pad Thai or other Thai dish. Dining at a Thai food stall or village food vendor is delicious and cheap, but portion sizes can be a little small for the […]

Oct 29
Best Thai Dipping Sauce

When you ask expats in Sakon Nakhon why they live here, you will get two kinds of responses: the long-winded philosophical treatise and the short but sweet retort. We prefer the latter, especially when it involves Thai food. Over the past decade, Thai restaurants have popped up everywhere in Western countries, giving foreigners a taste […]

Oct 29
MSG in Thai Restaurants in Thailand (Misconceptions)

For decades, people in the West have associated the consumption of MSG with a wide variety of ailments. However, as journalist Alex Renton wrote in his MSG expose in the Guardian: “If MSG is so bad for you, why doesn’t everyone in Asia have a headache?” Renton’s article (which you can read here) is a […]

Sep 22
The Best Kanom Tian in Thailand

If you are browsing the Sakon Nakhon markets and come across some small pyramid shaped items wrapped in banana leaves, you don’t want to pass them up! What is inside is called Kanom Tian (ขนมเทียน), also spelled Khanom Thian. It’s a sweet snack made of sticky rice flour, coconut, and sugar (plus some additional stuffing […]

Sep 17
Ordering Thai Noodles in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

Noodle soup in Thailand is called gŭai-dtĭao, and it is ordered either with wide large noodles (sên yài) or thin noodles (sên lék). The soup includes a dark broth or clear broth. The dark noodle soup is called gŭai-dtĭao nám-dtòk (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวน้ำตก) — the phrase nám-dtòk literally meaning waterfall. However, if you just order gŭai-dtĭao, you […]

Sep 17
What is The Best Ketchup in Thailand?

Aficionados of the red culinary sauce known as ketchup (Yes, we mean Americans) will be happy to know that ketchup can easily be found in Thailand. In fact, dare we say that Thailand produces the very best ketchup in the world. The best ketchup in Thailand is made by Roza, and it beats the American […]

Sep 12
How to Say Delicious in Isaan & Thai

Today we are going to show you how to say super delicious in Thai, as well as the Isaan dialect spoken in Sakon Nakhon. You perhaps already know the ordinary word for delicious in Thai, which is a-ròi (อร่อย). But that word is so commonly used in Thailand, that it doesn’t really pass as a […]

Sep 12
Eating Street Food in Sakon Nakhon

If you are visiting Sakon Nakhon and aren’t eating the street food, then you simply aren’t living. Thai street food often is the best cuisine to be found in Thailand (and the world), as well as the cheapest. Many tourists and expats shy away from Thai street food because of fears of getting a little […]

Sep 11
Thai Dining Etiquette

One of the biggest faux pas a foreign tourist can make while eating in Sakon Nakhon restaurants is blowing your nose. If your nose is running because of a spicy Thai dish, then you may dab your nose with a tissue. But a full blown blow is simply not done. If a nose blow is […]