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Category: Thai Farming

Mar 02
Thai Rose Apple (Chomphu): Taste, Uses & Benefits

March is harvest time for the Thai rose apple, also known as Chomphu (ชมพู่) or Chompoo in the Thai language. The rose apple is a bell-shaped fruit native not only to Thailand, but other Southeast Asian countries, such as Indonesia and the Philippines. Today, it is also grown in Hawaii, Florida, the Caribbean, and other […]

Jan 20
The Albino Water Buffalo in Thailand – Meaning & Symbolism

The water buffalo, along with the elephant, are the two most recognized animal symbols of Thailand. Both have a long and storied history within the Kingdom — as they are strong animals that have helped the Thai people with jobs demanding hard labor. The water buffalo and elephant also have sacred significance in Thailand. You […]

Nov 25
Thai Rice Drying at Thailand Temples and Roads

November is the time of year in Thailand when you’ll see rice drying on plastic tarps on small village roads and at Thai temple grounds, schoolyards, and local government compounds. You’ll see this rice drying especially in Northeastern Thai provinces like Sakon Nakhon, which is famous for having some of the best rice in Thailand. […]