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Sakon Nakhon in May

Sakon Nakhon in May is the start of the rainy season, which usually begins around the middle of the month, and also corresponds with the appearance of the most beautiful sunsets in Northeast Thailand. The rainy season officially starts in much of Kingdom in June or July, but in Sakon Nakhon (and other provinces in Isaan), regular thunderstorms start rolling in during May, which also is a very hot month. Sakon Nakhon weather in May is thus driven by an overlap between the hot and rainy seasons.

Sakon Nakhon’s spectacular Thai sunsets can begin to be seen in the month of May, as the influx and exit of weather systems and cloud layers, combined with mountain air drafts, creates some of the best Thailand sunsets, many of which have striking bright red and yellow hues. Just prior to sunset, you’ll also sometimes see large clouds take on unusual (sometimes ominous) colors, especially before and after thunderstorms.

Best Thai Sunsets
Thai Sunset at Fat Mango Pizza
Clouds Before Sunset in Thailand

Sakon Nakhon in May is when the rice fields are plowed. While some rice farmers grow a second rice crop if they live near a canal, and some small 2nd crops are grown by pumping in well water, most Isaan farmers plant only a single rice crop, and the soil preparation begins in May. Then in June, the farmers will scatter the rice seeds on the fields, as the rainy season sends in more needed rain. Learn more about Sakon Nakhon’s award winning rice growing community by checking out our article on the best Sakon Nakhon rice.

Lastly, May is when you will start seeing Prathom (elementary) and Mathayom (secondary) students going back to school. So, be a polite and safe driver by stopping at crosswalks when you see students waiting there. And take extra care when traveling rural roads where schools are located but there are few to no crosswalks.