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Category: Thai Seasons

Dec 12
The Cold Season Arrives in Sakon Nakhon

Sakon Nakhon is recognized as the coldest place in Thailand, with a record cold temperature of -2.5 Celsius (27°F ) on December 24, 1999. Late December and early January are typically the coldest weeks in Sakon Nakhon and Northeastern Thailand, with the cold season first arriving around mid November. This year (2022) the cold season […]

Aug 16
The Coldest Place in Thailand

The coldest place in Thailand is Sakon Nakhon, a mountain province in the Northeast of the country. Many sources cite Sakon Nakhon’s record cold temperature of -1.4 degrees Celsius (29°F) in 1974 when awarding it the distinction of being the coldest place in Thailand. However, there actually was an even colder temperature of -2.5 Celsius […]

Jul 29
Sakon Nakhon in July

Sakon Nakhon weather in July is rainy and hot. However, the rain during the day is usually only a short shower or thunderstorm. The longer storms, when it rains heavily for a couple hours, most often occur at night, which makes for nice atmosphere for sleeping, as the air is cooler and sound of the […]

May 27
Sakon Nakhon in May

Sakon Nakhon in May is the start of the rainy season, which usually begins around the middle of the month, and also corresponds with the appearance of the most beautiful sunsets in Northeast Thailand. The rainy season officially starts in much of Kingdom in June or July, but in Sakon Nakhon (and other provinces in […]

Apr 29
Sakon Nakhon in April (Songkran)

April is the hottest month in Sakon Nakhon, and the time when Thailand’s New Year celebrations occur. The Thai New Year is called Songkran. Both Songkran and the Western New Year (January 1st) are celebrated. The Songkran national holiday lasts for 3 days (not including the weekend). You want to be sure that you aren’t […]

Mar 27
Sakon Nakhon in March

In some parts of the world it is said that March “comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”. In Sakon Nakhon, we might say the same thing, except that the lion isn’t stormy, winter weather but the loud cacophony of millions of cicada males wooing females with their mating call. The […]

Feb 26
Sakon Nakhon in February

February in Sakon Nakhon is the last month of the cool season. However, it can still get quite cold in February. Indeed, this past year we had one of the coldest spells in the last decade, with a low of around 50F (10C) and a high of only 63F (17C). As in other parts of […]

Jan 03
Sakon Nakhon in January

January is the 2nd peak month of the cool season, with temperatures similar to December in Sakon Nakhon, the thermometer plunging to the refreshing ’50s at night. The 1st month of the year is ushered in with fireworks on New Year’s Eve. While the Thai New Year (called Songkran) is celebrated with water festivities in […]

Dec 27
Sakon Nakhon in December

While Thailand is a Buddhist country, you can still feel the spirit of Christmas, if you visit Sakon Nakhon in December. The province is home to Ban Tha Rae, the largest Catholic community in Thailand. The friendly villagers (largely of Vietnamese descent) put on the best Christmas show in the Kingdom, with hundreds of houses […]

Nov 21
Sakon Nakhon in November

Sakon Nakhon in November is when the rice fields transform from a lush green to harvest green, and the cool season officially begins, with temperatures toward the end of the month sometimes falling to around 60 degrees (15C) at night. The Sakon Nakhon weather takes on a decidedly autumn feel (for Thailand), with a lovely […]

Oct 21
Sakon Nakhon in October

October is a wonderful time to visit Sakon Nakhon. The rice fields are lush and soon to be harvested; the waterfalls are overflowing from the rainy season coming to an end; the famous Wax Castle Festival is celebrated with traditional dance and boat races (as well as the stunning Buddhist castles made of bees wax); […]