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Sakon Nakhon in October

October is a wonderful time to visit Sakon Nakhon. The rice fields are lush and soon to be harvested; the waterfalls are overflowing from the rainy season coming to an end; the famous Wax Castle Festival is celebrated with traditional dance and boat races (as well as the stunning Buddhist castles made of bees wax); and the Sakon Nakhon weather is starting to cool off a bit. The landscape of Sakon Nakhon at this time of year is truly gorgeous.

Thailand Rice Harvest
Thailand Rice Harvest

The rice harvest in Sakon Nakhon begins around the end of October and lasts through early November. If you ask a local to do something at this time of year, they will often decline saying, “Gee-oh Kow” (เกี่ยวข้าว), which means that they are harvesting the rice.

While not everyone grows rice for profit in Sakon Nakhon, a majority do have at least a few rai of land where they grow rice for themselves — a rai being about 2/5 of an acre.

In Sakon Nakhon, people grow both sticky rice and white rice. The fields are planted in May, and most people only grow one crop per year. However, if a person is fortunate enough to live near a canal, a 2nd crop is sometimes grown, but not always, as it is more difficult to do.