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Sakon Nakhon Election Season

You will know when it is election time in Sakon Nakhon (and throughout Thailand) when you begin to see small billboards of politicians asking for your vote. These billboards are usually quite formal, with the politician displayed in a polite head shot or giving a “wai”. The number below or next to the person’s picture is their position in the list of names on the voting ballot. So, if you see (for example) a large X next to the number 4, that means the politician is asking you to place an X (vote) for the 4th person on the ballot.

Currently (October, 2021), you will be seeing billboards for people who are campaigning to become members of local councils, or local executives of local administrative organizations. The election day is scheduled for the period between 28 November and 12 December 2021. 


David Alan