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Sakon Nakhon in December

While Thailand is a Buddhist country, you can still feel the spirit of Christmas, if you visit Sakon Nakhon in December. The province is home to Ban Tha Rae, the largest Catholic community in Thailand. The friendly villagers (largely of Vietnamese descent) put on the best Christmas show in the Kingdom, with hundreds of houses and businesses covered with Christmas lights., the majestic St. Michael’s cathedral providing a sacred centerpiece to the joyful festivities.

Ban Tha Rae Christmas Lights Before the Star Procession Parade
Ban Tha Rae Christmas Lights Before the Star Procession Parade

The cool Sakon Nakhon weather also provides a nice backdrop to enjoy Christmas in Thailand. While it never gets cold enough for snow to fall, it can get down into the 50s at night, and you’ll see people all bundled up in sweaters, coats, and hats, as they wander around the narrow streets of Ban Tha Rae, enjoying the one-of-a-kind Sakon Nakhon Christmas.

If you enjoy hiking, December is also a wonderful month to visit Sakon Nakhon, with the national forest trails all covered with crunchy, fallen leaves, but with many trees still covered in greenery, providing a nice contrast for your jungle trek. Plus the cooler weather means less bugs to deal with and fewer worries about scorching heat.

David Alan