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Sakon Nakhon Motorcycling

MySakonNakhon was happy to entertain Grace McDonald of Bikehedonia this weekend. Grace is currently on a solo motorcycle journey, which has taken her from her native Australia to East Timor, then on to Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Due to COVID and a shutdown of the land borders, she has been stuck in Thailand for the past year and a half. But “stuck” is really the wrong word, as Grace has fallen in love with Thailand during the past 18 months — the Thai landscape, people, and lifestyle all weaving their charm on the intrepid Grace, who likely will make Thailand her home-base for another year, even after the borders open up and she is able to take excursions into surrounding countries.

This past week Grace left Chiang Mai to take a quick trip through the Northeast, so we encouraged her to visit Sakon Nakhon and enjoy the winding roads of the Phu Phan Mountains, the Khmer temple ruins of Phra That Phu Phek, and Fat Mango Pizza’s famous Pad Kaprao Pizza!

You can follow Grace on her adventure by visiting her website at:

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