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Thailand Christmas Day Festival at St. Joseph School

The Christmas Star Parade in Tha Rae is probably the most famous Christmas festival in all of Thailand, and certainly the most beautiful. However, there are times when people miss the parade due to traffic and not leaving for Ban Tha Rae early enough. If you find yourself in this situation one year, fear not! There is still an opportunity to view the gorgeous Star Parade floats, with their beautifully designed cave nativity scenes placed in front of the dazzling Star ornaments.


St. Joseph Christmas Parade

On Christmas Day every year, St. Joseph School in Sakon Nakhon City holds a mini Christmas festival, where the Star Parade floats travel from Ban Tha Rae to be showcased in the school’s parking lot. It tends to be much easier to find a parking space on the expansive grounds of the St. Joseph School, and the school’s beautiful cathedral is lit up to serve as lovely backdrop to the Star Parade floats, much like St. Michael’s Cathedral in Ban Tha Rae.


Thailand Christmas Festival

The Sakon Nakhon Christmas festivities wrap up later in the evening on Christmas day with a fireworks display, which appears in the sky not far from the grounds of the St. Joseph School, which is located just off the Sakon Nakhon – Udon Thani highway, about a kilometer north of the Sakon Nakhon City Gate. It’s also not far from the Robinson Lifestyle Mall, in case you need to do some last minute Christmas shopping.


David Alan