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Thailand Christmas Eve Mass in Sakon Nakhon

Celebrating Christmas in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand does not only include taking a trip to the village of Ban Thai Rae to witness the famous Christmas Star Parade, with its gorgeous Christmas floats, there are Christmas church services (Mass) held at Catholic churches throughout Sakon Nakhon province, which has a greater population of Catholics than any other province in Thailand.



So, if you are Christian visiting Sakon Nakhon at Christmas time (or are an expat living in the province) and wish to celebrate the birth of Christ with a church service, or a contemplative place to quietly make your prayers, there are more than 10 Catholic churches located around the enormous Nong Han Lake (not only in Ban Tha Rae). At these small Catholic churches, such as Wat Saint Pius X in Tambon Phang Khwang Neua, a Christmas Eve Mass usually starts with the congregation encircling the church several times. Some members of the procession hold candles and others star ornaments (symbolizing the Star of Bethlehem that guided the wise men to Jesus’s manger).


Catholic Church in Thailand
Wat Saint Pius X, Catholic Church, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand


Unfortunately, none of the church services held on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are in English, but all in the Thai language (which is understandable, since few to none of the members of the congregation speak English). However, familiar liturgical music is usually played which will put in proper Christmas mood. And there are several Catholic priests in Sakon Nakhon who speak some English (especially if they have spent time doing missionary work abroad). If the priest holding the Mass does speak a little English, they will be happy to see you visiting their church and often are enthusiastic to have a chat so they can practice their English.

To see if there is a Catholic Church near where you are staying in Sakon Nakhon, just search for Catholic Churches in Sakon Nakhon on Google Maps, and you’ll see the markers for all the ones around Nong Han Lake.


David Alan