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Sakon Nakhon Christmas in Ban Tha Rae Thailand

Sakon Nakhon is probably the best place to celebrate Christmas in Thailand. The Catholic community of Ban Tha Rae, including churches, businesses, and private citizens, all pitch in to create a spectacular village of Christmas lights and yuletide celebrations.

The Christmas lights start going up a week before Christmas, and include all of the traditional figures and symbols associated with the holiday, including Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Santa Claus, Reindeer, Bells, Snowflakes, and Stars. The Christmas lights are not only draped over native Thai trees, but also evergreens for a true Christmas tree appearance.

The majestic St. Michael’s Cathedral is at the center of Ban Tha Rae, and is covered in gorgeous lights. In the surrounding streets you’ll find street vendors selling Thai food and souvenirs, including Christmas items such as Santa hats. The culmination of the Christmas holiday occurs with the Star Parade Procession.

Read about the Ban Tha Rae Christmas parade here: Thailand Christmas Star Parade.

Dates can vary for the Christmas Star Parade. but it usually occurs on December 23rd or 24th in Ban Tha Rae, and then concludes on Dec. 25th in Sakon Nakhon city at St. Joseph’s School. To get to Ban Tha Rae, you travel just a few minutes past the Sakon Nakhon Airport in the direction of Nakhon Phanom. You’ll know you are getting close when you begin to see the Christmas lights on the highway.