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Sakon Nakhon in July

Sakon Nakhon weather in July is rainy and hot. However, the rain during the day is usually only a short shower or thunderstorm. The longer storms, when it rains heavily for a couple hours, most often occur at night, which makes for nice atmosphere for sleeping, as the air is cooler and sound of the rain is pleasant. July is also when you will often see bundles of rice seedlings in the rice paddies.

Sakon Nakhon Rice Paddies

The bundled rice seedling are the second step of the Sakon Nakhon rice growing season. The farmers begin by scattering seeds and growing the seedlings. Then the seedling are gathered into bundles and planted throughout the rice paddies, at just the right growing distance from each other. While a substantial amount of water is needed in each paddy to grow a healthy crop, rice farmers need to be careful that too much water doesn’t fill the paddy. This is why you’ll see a large drainage pipe in the wall of a paddy, draining out the excess water into a canal or drainage ditch.

July in Sakon Nakhon is also a month of several National Thai Holidays. These include Asarnha Bucha Day (celebrating the Buddha’s first sermon after his enlightenment), which takes place during a full moon; the Buddhist Lent known as Khao Phansa, which occurs the day after Asanha Bucha Day; and H.M. the King’s birthday on July 28th. There are usually a couple other public holidays thrown in around those dates to make for longer weekend breaks. There is no alcohol served on the Buddhist public holidays.


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