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Sakon Nakhon Anti-Drugs Mural

The creativity of Sakon Nakhon student artists is on display on the wall of the Yutthitam Wittaya School (Tetsaban 3) in downtown Sakon Nakhon, across the street from the old (permanently closed) prison and the alley where the Camp Cook arts festival was held.

This anti-drugs mural was created in 2004, around the time of former PM Thaksin’s war on drugs, which was responsible for many prison incarcerations. Ironically, cannabis has now been legalized in Thailand, with the intention of allowing people to take advantage of marijuana’s medicinal properties. However, the mural’s message on the dangers of smoking, drinking, and drugs is a valuable and important one for young people in Thailand to hear (especially in an era of marijuana and kratom legalization).

David Alan