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Category: Thai Art

Apr 11
Phu Phan Museum Rotunda Mural – Sakon Nakhon Art

Previously, we’ve talked about bas-relief Thai artwork, how it’s made, and classic examples of it at the Ajarn Fun Acharo Museum at Wat Pa Udom Somphon. There is a lovely bas-relief tile mural at the Phu Phan Museum’s open air rotunda. However, the museum hasn’t taken the necessary steps to protect the tiles with proper […]

Mar 15
Bas-Relief Thai Artwork at Temples in Thailand

Seen above: Ancient bas-relief stone tiles at the Wat Non Sawan (วัดโนนสวรรค์), Phu Din Daeng, temple in Sakon Nakhon, Northeast Thailand. At Thai temples, you’ll often find murals made of tiles with raised images on them that fit together to form a scene from the life of the Buddha or a famous monk. This is […]

Mar 01
Thai Journalist Day – Remembering Rong Wongsawan

In Thailand, “Journalist Day” (วันนักข่าว) occurs every year on March 5th. Formally known as “National Mass Communication Day” (วันสื่อสารมวลชนแห่งชาติ), this day for honoring Thai journalists coincides with the establishment of the Journalists Association of Thailand on March 5th, 1955. Fifteen pioneering Thai journalists joined together to form the journalists association, including Choti Maneenoi (โชติ มณีน้อย) […]

Feb 13
Young Thai Artists Exhibition: Area63 SNRU 2024

Young Thai artists are getting better every year, as is seen in a new exhibition of paintings at the Thongthawapee Art Gallery (หอศิลป์ทองทวาปี มหาวิทยาลัยราชภัฏสกลนคร) in Sakon Nakhon, Northeast Thailand. The name of this vibrant art show is “Area63: Boundary Free Art of the 9 Styles”. It’s the senior thesis exhibition from art students at Sakon […]

Dec 10
Thailand Solo Art Exhibition: Ink Drawings

The Thongthawapee Art Gallery at Sakon Nakhon Raabhat University is home to both collective and solo art exhibitions of Thai artists, in particular artists from the North of Thailand (Isaan), many of whom are considered among the best artists in Thailand. The university gallery is currently hosting the first solo exhibition of Thai artist Piriya […]

Dec 09
Thailand Street Art (Soi Sin) – Thai Alley Artists

In recent years, Thailand street art has become popular among Thais and tourists. Artwork on the street is referred to as “Soi Sin” or “Sin Nai Soi” in the Thai language. The word “sin” (ศิลป์) is a shortened version of the word “sinlabpa” (ศิลปะ), both of which mean “art” or “artistic,” while the word “soi” […]

Feb 12
Northeastern Thai Temples with a Sense of Humor

When people think of Thai temples, they don’t usually think of sacred places with a sense of humor. But indeed many Thai temples (and the monks who live there) do have a keen sense of humor. This is especially true in the village temples of Northeastern Thailand. We were recently reminded of this fact when […]

Jan 17
The Thai Lotus Memorial Monument to an Enduring Angel

When traveling Thai villages, you sometimes will see monuments where the dedication (or meaning behind the monument) is unclear. A few hundred meters north of Wat Nong Bua Sang (Sakon Nakhon) there is just such a monument in the form a large, closed lotus flower. It is named the Memorial Monument to an Enduring Angel […]

Dec 10
Sakon Nakhon Winter Thai Arts & Crafts Festival

The Creative Craft Center at Mann Gardens (Sakon Nakhon) is currently holding its Winter Arts & Crafts Festival until December 12th, from 10am – 4:30pm. This Thailand festival provides a great opportunity for residents and tourists to buy affordable and creative gift items for Christmas. Local artisans are selling fine crafts, such as hand-made Thai […]

Oct 08
Wat Tham Pha Daen Photo Gallery

Wat Tham Pha Daen is a gorgeous temple complex in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand. More than a Buddhist temple, Wat Tham Pha Daen is a museum of sacred art work, built into a mountainside. Artistic attractions include many different kinds of Buddha statues, made with different materials; beautiful carvings of the Buddha in stone and teak […]

Aug 26
SNRU Student Art Exhibition

In addition to organizing student art exhibitions at the Thongthawapee Art Gallery, the Arts Department at Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University (SNRU) also showcases student paintings on the walls of university buildings, especially when the art gallery is conducting exhibitions of the best artists in Thailand. Art student paintings are currently on display on the walls […]

Aug 11
The Best Artists in Thailand

Some of the best artists in Thailand are now (August, 2022) showing their work at the Thongthawapee Art Gallery at Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University. It’s all part of the 8th Thai Art Identity Exhibition (8th MOU), where Arts faculty members of 31 Rajabhat universities across Thailand contribute their art for exhibition. Rajabhat universities are similar […]

Aug 07
Sakon Nakhon Anti-Drugs Mural

The creativity of Sakon Nakhon student artists is on display on the wall of the Yutthitam Wittaya School (Tetsaban 3) in downtown Sakon Nakhon, across the street from the old (permanently closed) prison and the alley where the Camp Cook arts festival was held. This anti-drugs mural was created in 2004, around the time of […]