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Sakon Nakhon Winter Thai Arts & Crafts Festival

The Creative Craft Center at Mann Gardens (Sakon Nakhon) is currently holding its Winter Arts & Crafts Festival until December 12th, from 10am – 4:30pm. This Thailand festival provides a great opportunity for residents and tourists to buy affordable and creative gift items for Christmas.

Local artisans are selling fine crafts, such as hand-made Thai jewelry, indigo dyed tapestries, tie-dyed fashion, woven hats and scarves, thatched baskets, water color and oil paintings, drawings, ceramics, and more. Local cooks are also providing Isaan food items, and Sakon Nakhon coffee shops are offering slow drip, freshly ground, Thai coffee.

The Sakon Nakhon Winter Arts & Crafts Festival is also known as the Suan Mann Festival (เทศกาล สวนแมน). It is organized by local artisan Prach Niyomkar (aka Mann Craft). The festival is located right next to the Wat Amphawan, about 10 minutes from Sakon Nakhon City (Northeastern Thailand).

Sakon Nakhon Winter Arts & Crafts Festival