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Thailand Solo Art Exhibition: Ink Drawings

The Thongthawapee Art Gallery at Sakon Nakhon Raabhat University is home to both collective and solo art exhibitions of Thai artists, in particular artists from the North of Thailand (Isaan), many of whom are considered among the best artists in Thailand. The university gallery is currently hosting the first solo exhibition of Thai artist Piriya Phusampao (พิริยะ ภูสําเภา), who also goes by the name Cable Sketch.

The art exhibition is called “Black Period” and features ink drawings of rhythmic shapes and strange, unusual imagery distorted from the human body (such as teeth, skulls, eyes, noses, profiles, lips, etc.). The young Thai artist has said that the drawings are an expression of his feelings and thoughts, evoking the power of movement from his outside environment to his interior world.

Piriya is skilled at balancing what some might consider disturbing visual themes with a sense of inquisitiveness and wonderment that fills the viewer with a strange sense of calm, enticing the exploration of the deeper and more mystical regions of life.

Thailand Solo Art Exhibition: Ink Drawings


David Alan