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Wat Wong Sri Daram – Dong Mafai Temple

Wat Wong Sri Daram (วัดวงศ์ศรีดาราม) is the most impressive temple in Dong Mafai village — showcasing a beautiful variety of Buddhist and Hindu statues, religious murals, and lovely architecture. Ban Dong Mafai is located in the Mueang district of Sakon Nakhon Thailand. The Isaan village is well known for its large fresh food market, which attracts many visitors daily. It takes about 20 minutes to get to Wat Wong Sri Daram from Sakon Nakhon airport or downtown Sakon Nakhon. The temple is also referred to as Wat Noi (วัดน้อย) by Dong Mafai locals. To read our full review of the temple, visit the page: Wat Wong Sri Daram.

Wat Wong Sri Daram – Temple Photo Gallery

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