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Cafe Amazon Signature Thai Coffee Review

Cafe Amazon Signature is the 4th drip coffee in our search for the best coffee in Thailand. Amazon signature is a blend of hand-selected beans which the company has sourced from various coffee plantations in Thailand. Amazon doesn’t identify which Thai coffee growing regions they selected these beans from, but we would guess that they are coffee farms located in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, the two largest coffee growing regions in Thailand. Cafe Amazon has worked with coffee farmers in both regions to produce the other drip coffees we have reviewed: Phangkon coffee, Pha Lung cofee, and Doi Inthanon coffee (all of which are named after the area where the coffee beans are grown).


Cafe Amazon Signature Drip Coffee
Making Thai drip coffee. Tear off the top of the coffee pouch and pour in the hot water slowly.

How to Brew Amazon Thai Drip Coffee

If you have never had a Thai drip coffee sold in single use pouches, the steps for brewing the coffee are as follows:

1) Tear off the top of the filter bag where you see the arrows. Pull out the paper hangers at the side of the filter pouch, and hang it on top of your mug.

2) Pour hot water* slowly over the coffee inside the filter pouch until the coffee is soaked. Wait about 20 seconds. Then slowly begin pouring in the rest of the hot water. This water should not be boiling but around 92° – 96° C (197° – 204° F). You can use the water that has been heated up in an electric kettle.

3) Let the coffee pouch steep in the brew for a minute or two. Then remove the single use filter bag and enjoy your Cafe Amazon Thai drip coffee.

*Cafe Amazon suggests using 150 ml (5 oz) of hot water. But we usually use around 200 ml (7 oz) to brew the coffee.


กาแฟดริป คาเฟ่ อเมซอน
Cafe Amazon Signature is 120 baht for a box of 5 pouches, 15 baht cheaper than their other drip coffees.

Amazon Signature Coffee — Taste Test Review

Cafe Amazon’s Signature blend is a 100% Arabica bean, medium to dark roast coffee. It is the same coffee that you will drink when visiting one of the company’s coffee shops, which are nearly ubiquitous in Thailand (there are more than 20 Cafe Amazon locations in Sakon Nakhon). It is a full bodied but mellow coffee, with a slight sourness and a bitter (but not unpleasant) aftertaste. The energy boost was mild, with no jitteriness.

Interestingly, Cafe Amazon Signature is our least favorite if the 4 Amazon coffees that we have tried. None of their other Thai coffees had any sourness or bitter aftertaste, and all provided a higher energy boost. We thus have to wonder why Cafe Amazon only offers Signature at its Thailand coffeehouses, and not the other Thai coffees which they sell to brew at home, and which many Thai coffee lovers also have reviewed highly.

One likely reason for this is that Cafe Amazon sells so much coffee in Thailand that they couldn’t get enough coffee beans from one particular village or tambon (sub-district) to meet their needs. They thus need to create a coffee blend with beans from numerous plantations. Perhaps another reason is that few people actually order black coffee at Cafe Amazon. In fact, in all our years of visiting Cafe Amazon, we don’t believe we have seen anyone ordering black coffee off the menu except us.

From what we have seen, most Thai customers at Cafe Amazon order iced coffees, lattes, and macchiatos. Amazon Signature does make an excellent base for an iced coffee when sugar and milk are added. And we would guess that the same Signature coffee beans are used for both their espresso and coffee, although of course the roasting process will be different in producing the final espresso or coffee bean.

So, our Cafe Amazon coffee review ratings are as follows:

# 1. Pangkhon Coffee (Chiang Rai)

# 2. Doi Inthanaon Coffee (Chiang Mai)

# 3. Pha Lung Coffee (Chiang Rai)

# 4. Signature Coffee (Various Thai Regions)


David Alan