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Category: Travel Tips

Dec 12
How to See Undiscovered Thailand

If you are planning a Thailand “Off the Beaten Track” holiday (or if you want to discover hidden Bangkok, Chiang Mai, or Phuket) it’s important to learn “how to see” undiscovered Thailand. This involves developing a few easy-to-learn skills, and building a new mindset: one that reframes your outlook from tourist taker to beauty explorer. […]

Oct 19
How to Stay Out of Trouble in Thailand

Thailand is generally a very safe country to travel in — especially if you use some common sense. When in the densely populated tourism areas of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, or Phuket there usually is little to worry about, even late at night. However, when traveling off the beaten path in Thailand, extra precaution should […]

Jun 24
Sakon Nakhon: Questions & Answers

What is Sakon Nakhon known for? Sakon Nakhon is known as the birthplace of Indigo dyed fashion in Thailand. It’s Wax Castle Festival and Christmas Star Parade have made news worldwide. The province’s organic cattle farm cooperative Pon Yang Kham produces the best beef in Thailand, with a flavor that some experts say is tastier […]

Apr 08
The Best English to Thai Translation App

The most popular English to Thai translation app for travel in Thailand is undoubtedly Google Translate. But even though Google Translate is the translator app used most by tourists, it is not the best one for all situations. Yes, Google Translate does do a good job translating Thai signs and Thai menus with its camera […]

Feb 04
Udon Thani Airport

Udon Thani Airport (UTH) is the airport you are looking for if you would like to visit Sakon Nakhon and are flying in from a neighboring country such as Vietnam, China, or Cambodia. It is one of 15 international Thai airports and one of 2 in Northeastern Thailand (the other being in Khon Kaen). After […]

Sep 09
Thailand Travel Tips: Off the Beaten Track

Thailand travel tips for tourists who are traveling off the beaten track need to be a little different. It also requires a different mindset than that of the typical tourist. It is easy to fill your Thai holiday if you have a busy itinerary of popular tourist attractions in Bangkok or boating excursions on the […]