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Tag: Thai Folk Medicine

May 05
Thailand’s Auspicious White Trumpet Tree (Cana)

The White Trumpet tree, or “Dton Cana” (ต้นแคนา) as it’s called in Thai, is a flowering tree commonly seen in Thailand, especially in or near the rice fields of Isaan. It has large, white trumpet flowers which bloom from March – June.  These bell-shaped flowers often are seen fallen and scattered around the trunk of […]

Jul 20
Treat a Scorpion Sting in Thailand

With the rainy season upon us, many people are seeing scorpions in Thailand — as the scary-looking arachnids escape from their flooded burrows. While there are treatments such as hydrocortisone cream to apply to a scorpion sting, Thais have been treating such stings for centuries, long before modern medicines. So, instead of heading to a […]