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Category: Thai Trees

Sep 04
Thai Tamarind: So Tasty But Beware!

Tamarind in the Thai language is called má-kăam (มะขาม). Its history in Thailand stretches back over 700 years. Tamarind is believed to have originated in Africa, and then brought to Thailand sometime prior to the reign of King Ram Khamhaeng (Rama the Bold), who ruled the ancient Sukhothai kingdom from 1278 -1 298. Tamarind is […]

Jan 28
Sakon Nakhon Kapok (Kayu) Trees

A small sacred forest of 200 year old Kapok/Kayu trees (ต้นเชียง) is located in the Phu Phan Mountain area of Sakon Nakhon. The village where the trees are located is called Ban Bua (บ้านบัว) which is in Tambon Kuat Bak (กุดบาก) in Amphur Kat Bak. You get to the forested area by traveling just a […]

Jan 23
Coral Trees – Sakon Nakhon

Coral Trees (also known as Tiger’s Claw) are one of the few trees that bloom in Sakon Nakhon in January, the the flowers usually starting to bloom around the middle of the month. Because of their beauty, you will often find coral trees planted along Sakon Nakhon roads and in parks, such as along the […]

Jan 14
Sakon Nakhon Rubber Trees

Sakon Nakhon province is filled with small rubber tree plantations, many of which were planted within the last 20 years. During the early 2000s rubber prices were high and the trees seem to offer a better cash return than rice fields. Unfortunately, in recent years rubber prices have plummeted and rubber trees are no longer […]

Jan 11
Sacred Bo Tree – Sakon Nakhon

When visiting Sakon Nakhon temples, and traveling the highways of the province, you will occasionally see a large Bo Tree. The Bo Tree is a sacred Fig tree (Ficus Religiosa), and the most revered tree in Thailand. Buddha is said to have achieved enlightenment under a Bo Tree, while Hindus believe that Lord Vishnu was […]

Jan 09
Sakon Nakhon Trees – Banyan Tree

This is the first entry of a new series on Sakon Nakhon trees, including their uses, history, and relationship to Thai culture and religion (when applicable). We’ll begin with the Banyan Tree (Ficus), which is nicknamed the Saint of the Forest, because when its fruit drop to the ground, a wide assortment of birds and […]