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Coral Trees – Sakon Nakhon

Coral Trees (also known as Tiger’s Claw) are one of the few trees that bloom in Sakon Nakhon in January, the the flowers usually starting to bloom around the middle of the month. Because of their beauty, you will often find coral trees planted along Sakon Nakhon roads and in parks, such as along the solar lit bike path around the Huai Sai Reservoir or at the downtown Suan Somdet Phrasinakarin Park.

Coral Trees have a variety of medicinal uses, which have been applied by traditional healers around the world where the tree grows. For example, the leaves of the Coral Tree have been used to treat anxiety and insomnia, the bark used to create a paste that reduces inflammation in joints, and the seeds eaten as an aphrodisiac that allegedly lifts lovers to heights of ecstatic rapture. However, the leaves, bark, and seeds are also poisonous. Therefore, you would be much better off choosing alternative methods to help you with those health situations.