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Tag: Thailand Tips

May 30
The Best Learn Thai App

Based on our 20+ years of experimenting with Thai language books, learning software, and videos, we believe Ling to be the best Learn Thai app. If you have read reviews of the Ling language app, you already know that it is filled with engaging quiz-based material for learning Thai, as well as other languages. While […]

Apr 08
The Best English to Thai Translation App

The most popular English to Thai translation app for travel in Thailand is undoubtedly Google Translate. But even though Google Translate is the translator app used most by tourists, it is not the best one for all situations. Yes, Google Translate does do a good job translating Thai signs and Thai menus with its camera […]

Aug 14
Top 10: Thailand Off the Beaten Track

When searching for Thailand off the beaten track destinations, you inevitably see many places that aren’t off the beaten tourist path at all. For example, Koh Chang, Mae Hong Song, Hat Yai, etc. There certainly isn’t anything wrong with these destinations. In fact, we have been to them all, and love them too. But they […]