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Top 10 Thailand Twitter (X) Accounts in English

In past years, Twitter (now known as X) wasn’t a major player on Thailand’s social media scene, compared to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok. For one reason or another, many Thais and expats in Thailand started Twitter accounts but then abandoned them after awhile (likely due to lack of engagement).

However, this could soon change, as new owner Elon Musk has a goal of refashioning the tweeting app into one that rewards journalists and high-quality content creators. The X app now supports long form content, including articles and streaming videos for verified users.

If you are a tourist or expat in Thailand looking for good information about Thai culture, the Thai people, Thai News, and travel in the Kingdom, here are our choices for the Top 10 Thailand-based Twitter (X) accounts in English.

Our selections are not based upon follower accounts, but on the quality of the insights, stories, photographs, and videos, as well as how active the account currently is on the X platform.


1. The Twitter (X) account posts both short and long form essays about Thailand, including fresh insights into Thai culture, Northeast Thailand tourist attractions, and daily life in rural Thailand. They also provide tips on learning the Thai language and Isaan dialect. We admit that we are a little biased with this choice. 😄


2. Prachatai English: For alternative Thai news stories that highlight under-reported issues in Thailand, we suggest following the Prachatai Twitter (X) account. They provide commentary on a wide range of topics, including politics, human rights, social issues, and culture. They also are known for their commitment to promoting freedom of expression and press freedom in Thailand.


3. Retro Siam: For a fascinating look into the history of Thailand in photographs we recommend following the Retro Siam Twitter (X) account. Photographs include recent history of the past few decades, stretching back into old world of Siam (Thailand prior to 1939).


4. Thai Enquirer: The Thai Enquirer (X) account provides excellent commentary, culture, criticisms, and satire from a Thai perspective. They also have a very informative podcast that can be found here:


5. Bangkok Pat: For interesting documentary-style videos of Bangkok, including places off the beaten track (previously unknown to most tourists), we suggest following the Bangkok Pat Twitter (X) account.


6. Thai Train Guide: For a beautiful glimpse into the countryside of Thailand and SE Asia, we recommend following the Thai Train Guide Twitter (X) account. Photographs include out-of-the-way places one never see unless traveling by train in Thailand.


7. Stephff Cartoonist: The Stephff Twitter (X) account features editorial cartoons, paintings, collected artwork from Stephff, who likely is the oldest and most prominent professional political cartoonist living in Thailand.


8. Jonathan Head: For breaking news in Thailand, we suggest following the Twitter (X) account of Jonathan Head, the long-time BBC SE Asia correspondent.


9. Thai PBS World: The Thai PBS World Twitter (X) account is the English news service of Thai Public Broadcasting. Established in 2008, Thai PBS aims to provide unbiased and independent news, information, and programming to the Thai public. And they do quite a good job of it.


10. Thailand Voice: You’ll be able to find an enormous variety of beautiful and curious photos from all over Thailand on the very active Thailand Voice Twitter (X) account. They also have a community page on Twitter where they are happy to answer questions about Thailand.