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Wat Phutthamok Phalaram (Photo Gallery)

Wat Phutthamok Phalaram (วัดพุทธโมกพลาราม) is a vast complex of temple grounds currently being developed by the well-known and highly revered abbot Luang Pho Noon Suwichayo (หลวงพ่อหนุน สุวิชโย), also spelled Luang Phor Nun Suwichayo — who is a disciple of the famous Buddhist meditation master and mystic Luang Phor Lersi Lingdam (หลวงพ่อฤาษีลิงดำ) of Uthai Thani.

Luang Phor Nun Suwichayo’s influence is seen throughout the Thai temples of the Na Kaeo sub-district of Amphur Phon Na Kaeo, Sakon Nakhon Province. In addition to being abbot of Wat Phutthamok Phalaram, he is the head monk of Tambon Na Kaeo, and the former abbot of the nearby temple Wat Ban Na Due. If you are looking for a quiet Thai spiritual retreat to walk around and meditate on the deeper things of life, Wat Phutthamok Phalaram is one of many good options in Sakon Nakhon.

David Alan