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Lost Phone in Thailand – What to Do – Keep Your Number

If you have lost your phone in Thailand, you can still keep your old phone number. The process is simple, because when you buy a Thai SIM card, you need to show identification. For expats, this usually means showing your passport. Your phone service provider now will have your identification on record.

If your phone gets lost or stolen, simply go to the local service office of Dtac, True, or AIS; show them your ID, and request a new SIM card with your old number.

Do I need to report my lost phone to the Thai police?

Many resources online do recommend that you report your lost phone immediately to the police. But this isn’t necessary to get a new SIM card with your old phone number. It’s especially not needed if you don’t have any proof of ownership of your phone, such as purchase receipt or IMEI number.

How can I track the location of a lost phone in Thailand?

If you have not installed an a “Find My” phone tracking app to your mobile phone, you can ask your Thailand mobile network to help track down your phone signal. The numbers to call are: Lost phone True, call 02-858-2616. Lost phone AIS, call 02- 029-3138. Lost phone Dtac call 02-202-8000.

What are the chances of me recovering a lost or stolen phone in Thailand?

If you lost your phone by leaving it in a Thai taxi or restaurant, the chances are pretty good you can recover it (at least 50/50). You’ll want to use the following methods to track down its location: 1) Using the Find My phone app if you installed it; 2) Getting help from your mobile service provider; or 3) Having a Thai friend call your number and hopefully the person who has your lost phone answers. Be sure to have your friend quickly offer a 500 or 1000 baht reward to the Thai person who answers your phone to increase your odds.

If your phone was not lost but stolen in Thailand, in many situations it is unlikely you’ll get it back. But it is still can’t hurt submitting a police report if you can prove ownership. It is quick and easy to submit such a report. If you are a tourist, and your mobile phone was stolen from your hotel room, do make a police report immediately, as sometimes they can identify the thief via security cameras.

How can I disable my phone in Thailand if it gets stolen or lost?

Many people are not aware that mobile phones have what is called an IMEI number. This is a 15 digit code that identifies your iPhone, Samsung phone, or other Android phone. The IMEI number is ordinarily included on the purchase receipt of a new phone. If you don’t have your phone’s purchase receipt, dial the following code to get the phone’s IMEI number: *#06#

That *#06# code will work on almost all smartphones in any country, including Thailand. When you dial that code, you’ll see the IMEI number and a bar code. Screen capture that and send it to your email address to maintain for your records.

If your phone gets lost or stolen in Thailand, you will first want to make a police report, showing them your IMEI number and barcode. Then take that police report to your Thai mobile service provider, who can disable your phone from being used by anyone (but only if they have the IMEI number).

If you can’t get a stolen or lost phone back, you’ll at least know that the thief wasn’t able to use your phone.

The more people who keep a record of their IMEI numbers, the more we can reduce phone thefts in Thailand by rendering stolen phones inoperable.

David Alan