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Category: Thai Monks

May 25
Prostration in Thailand: A Buddhist History & Tradition

Every few years in Thailand, the subject of prostration comes up. Sometimes it’s brought up by Thai university students at a major Bangkok university like Chulalongkorn. Other times its criticisms made by foreign journalists or academics who, despite having lived in Thailand, have a poor understanding of the Thai language and Thai Buddhism — both […]

May 07
Dying Well the Buddhist Way in Thailand

Buddhist monks in Thailand often teach that death is the most important test we take in life. Other tests can be taken over and over again, always with an opportunity for improvement. But we have only one chance at the test called death. And it’s a test we may be forced to take unexpectedly at […]

Apr 29
The Wish Fulfillment Mantra (Katha) of Thailand

Seen Above: A statue of the Thai monk Luang Phor Noon Suwichayo, and a giant statue of the Buddha on his temple grounds at Wat Phutthamok Phalaram in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand. In mystical Thailand, there are certain Buddhist monks who are known for creating special incantations or mantras known as “katha” (คาถา), which are believed […]

Apr 07
The Isaan Monks of Thailand’s Forest Tradition

Sakon Nakhon is considered by many to be the spiritual mecca of Northeast Thailand (Isaan). This is evidenced by the cave exhibition at the Phu Phan Museum, which features life-like sculptures of eight of the most revered forest monks, all of whom had deep spiritual ties to Sakon Nakhon province. The most influential member of […]

Feb 27
Buddhist Prayer Beads (Rosary) in Thailand

In Thailand, the use of “rosary” beads for prayer and meditation is common among Buddhist monks. However, their use in meditation among the Thai people occurs only among the most devoted of the Kingdom’s 67 million Buddhists. Thais frequently use prayer beads as a personal talisman (much like they use a sacred amulet). They will […]

Feb 21
Ajarn Fan Acharo & HM King Bhumibol the Great (Rama IX)

Seen Above: HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej (The Great) and Queen Sirikit of Thailand at the Funeral of Monk Luang Pu Fan Acharo King Bhumibol the Great (Rama IX) had a long relationship with the revered Isaan monk Ajarn Fan Acharo (pronounced “ajahn fun ajaro”). His Majesty would often visit Wat Pa Udom Somphon in Phanna […]

Feb 20
Luang Pu Fan Acharo: Mystical Teachings & Mantra

Seen above: Ajarn Fan Ajaro smoking a cigar to repel mosquitoes, as was a customary practice at the time. Luang Pu Fan Acharo (หลวงปู่ฝั้น อาจาโร) is the most well-known Thai monk to have emerged from Sakon Nakhon province. Born in 1899, Ajarn Fan was a disciple of Ajarn Man Phuritatto, the co-founder of the Thai […]

Sep 28
Manomayitthi – Thailand Mind Power Meditation & Mantra

There is a mystical (occult) Buddhist meditation in Thailand that often is practiced by monks engaged in “magic” psychic practices, such as the making of sacred amulets and incantations (mantras) that are alleged to grant good fortune and happiness. This Thai meditation is known as “Manomayitthi” (มโนมยิทธิ) which means the magical power of the mind. […]

Sep 16
Thai Novice Monks & The Naga Serpent of Thailand

Anyone who has visited Thailand has seen Naga serpent statues at temples. But did you know that novice monks are also called “naga” — or as it is spoken in Thai: “nak” (นาค). How did novice Thai monks come to be called Naga? One story says that a Naga King named Nandopananda wanted to become […]

Sep 14
Buddhist Sabbath & Holidays in Thailand

Buddhists in Thailand have a weekly sabbath day, just as Christians do. However, unlike the Christian sabbath, the Buddhist sabbath does not fall always on the same day of the week (such as Sunday or Saturday). It can fall on any day of the week, and corresponds to the 8th day of the waxing moon, […]

Jul 31
What Does Khao Phansa Mean? Buddhist Lent Day in Thailand

Wan Khao Phansa (เข้าพรรษา) literally means “Rainy Season Entrance Day,” but colloquially it means Buddhist Lent Day. In Thailand, the 3 month Buddhist Lent period also is called Phak Fon (พักฝน), which means the “Rains Retreat,” because this is the time when Buddhist monks must stop taking pilgrimages and remain in a Thai temple until […]

Jul 03
Mystical Thailand: Visiting Thai Temples like a Mystic

In Thai Buddhism, as with every religion, there are different levels of understanding, different schools of thought — and by this we don’t mean the difference between Theravada Buddhism (Thailand’s official religion) and Mahayana Buddhism, but rather the manner in which people approach sacred texts and iconography. The most profound interpretations of Buddhism in Thailand […]

May 28
Wat Tham Chao Phu Kha – Photo Gallery

Sakon Nakhon has several famous mountain cave temples, such as Wat Tham Kham and Wat Tham Pha Daen, where long ago Thai monks took shelter in caves while wandering the forests to meditate and practice the dharma. But there are also many lesser known cave temples around the Phu Phan Mountain range, such as Wat […]

May 09
The Flying Thai Monk Who Meditated on a Cloud

For hundreds of years, supernatural abilities have been attributed to the monks of Thailand and ancient Siam. Many of these miraculous monks have come from the Northeast of Thailand (Isan). One such famous Thai monk was the venerable Ajahn Waen Suchinno/Sujinno (พระอาจารย์ แหวน สุจิณโณ), who was born in Loei province in 1887 and ordained as […]

May 09
The Bulletproof Thai Monk from Sakon Nakhon

Sakon Nakhon has been the birthplace and/or wandering grounds for many famous monks in Thailand, who found the mountains and forest of Sakon Nakhon especially suitable for meditation. One notable Thai monk who is a little lesser known today than he was 50 years ago is Phra Ajahn Wan Uttamo (พระอาจารย์วัน อุตตโม), who was born […]

May 05
Famous Monks in Thailand

Thailand was home to many highly revered monks during the 20th century, Buddhist monks whose renown spread throughout Thailand, as well as in neighboring countries such as Laos, Burma, and Cambodia. The most famous monk in Thailand during this period was Ajahn Mun, co-founder of the forest tradition of Thai Buddhism. The Northeast of Thailand, […]

May 04
What Does a Monk Own in Thailand?

Over the years, some monks in Thailand have appeared quite rich, driving around in Mercedes, flying on private jets, and wearing luxury items. These flamboyant Thai monks often make the news and trouble the Buddhist authorities in Thailand, who rightly see such monks as tarnishing the image of the Kindgom’s national religion. The rationale that […]

Apr 29
Monks in Thailand – Daily Activities

Monks in Thailand have many important roles. The main role of a Thai monk is to provide spiritual guidance and teachings to the people. They also frequently lead ceremonies and rituals, including weddings, funerals, and other important life events. Many revered monks have served as advisors to school and university administrators, as well as to […]