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The Wish Fulfillment Mantra (Katha) of Thailand

Seen Above: A statue of the Thai monk Luang Phor Noon Suwichayo, and a giant statue of the Buddha on his temple grounds at Wat Phutthamok Phalaram in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand.

In mystical Thailand, there are certain Buddhist monks who are known for creating special incantations or mantras known as “katha” (คาถา), which are believed to grant good fortune, as well as develop the spiritual and mind power of the individual.

I’ve previously discussed the ancient “Na Ma Pa Ta” Katha (นะ มะ พะ ธะ) meditation, which was practiced famously by the late mystical monk LP Lersi Lingdam, and is considered one of the simplest and most powerful “kathas” in Thailand. Today, I will introduce you to another “katha” known as the “Katha Sompratana” (คาถาสมปรารถนา), or The Wish Fulfillment Mantra, which is relatively easy to remember and practice.

This “katha” was created by Luang Phor Noon Suwichayo (หลวงพ่อหนุน สุวิชโย) of Wat Phutthamok Phalaram in Sakon Nakhon. LP Noon Suwichayo, who also goes by the name Phra Khru Wichaisarakhun (พระครูวิชัยสารคุณ), was a student of LP Lersi Lingdam, and is currently one of the most revered monks in Northeast Thailand.

It’s important to note that while some people translate the Thai word “katha” to mean “spell” and thus attribute magical properties to it (some Thai people also think of “khatas” in this way), a “khatha” is more properly considered a sacred Pali prayer — Pali being the ancient Indian language in which Buddhism’s sacred texts were written.

Thai monks who create “kathas” in Thailand are fluent in Pali and create their mantras first in Pali, and then spell them out phonetically in the Thai language. One key word you’ll note in the following wish fulfillment mantra is the Pali word “suwichayo”. This is not a reference to LP Noon Suwichayo, but rather the meaning of the word, which is: “one who has a good and beautiful victory”.

Thus by meditating with the “Katha Sompratana,” you are placing yourself in tune with the positive forces of the universe which can help you attain a good and beautiful victory, as it pertains to the wishes in your life.

The video below of the Wish Fulfillment mantra being chanted was recorded at Wat Doi Thep Niramit in Sakon Nakhon, which has a circular room atop a tower that provides beautiful acoustics for Buddhist chanting.

Katha Sompratana – คาถาสมปรารถนา – Verses

นะโม ตัสสะ ภะคะวะโต อะระหะโต สัมมาสัมพุทธัสสะ

ná-moh dtàssà  pá-ká-wá-dtoh  a-rá-hà-dtoh  săm-maa-săm-pút-thassa

อุปัทเทยยะ อาจาริยะ สุวิชโย

u-bpàt-toie-yá  aa-jaa-rí-yá  sù-wích-a-yoh

วิสุทธิเทวา ประสิทธิเม

wí-sùt-tí-tay-waa  bprà-sìt-tí-may

มหาพรหมมา มหาเทวา รักขะตุสัพพะทา

má-hăa-prom-maa  má-hăa-tay-waa   rák-kà-dtù-sàp-pá-taa

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