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Category: Thai Tea Reviews

Feb 29
Thai Butterfly Pea Tea – Nootropic Blue Tea

For centuries, Thai Butterfly Pea Tea (also known as Blue Tea) has been treasured in Thai culture as a delicious nootropic with potent healing properties. Known as “Cha Anchan” (ชาอัญชัน) in Thai, this vibrant brew is sourced from the petals of the Clitoria ternatea flower, which gives it its distinctive blue hue — and yes, […]

Feb 18
Drinking 24 Year Old Pu-erh Tea in Thailand

Our deep dive into the world of tea drinking has led us to the highly prized Pu-erh tea (ชาผู่เอ๋อร์). While Pu-erh tea is not grown in Thailand (except in small amounts in the Doi Wawee tea village of Chiang Rai), it is drunk by many tea connoisseurs in the Kingdom, especially among Thais of Chinese […]

Feb 11
Best Thai Herbal Tea for Liver Health

Thailand is a popular tourist destination. Therefore, it’s not unusual that a lot of booze is consumed in the Kingdom. But it is not just tourists and expats that enjoy beer and liquor to excess sometimes. Thai drinkers have made Thailand the 5th largest consumer of alcohol in the world per capita, with beer and […]

Feb 10
The Best Tea in Thailand: Oolong #12 Royal Project Black Tea

Having begun a search for the best coffee in Thailand, we decided also to undertake a search for the best tea in Thailand. Our ratings will be based not only on the flavor, but also the physical benefits of the Thai tea, and how it made us feel (calm, energized, euphoric, mentally clear, etc.). The […]