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Category: Thai Medicines

Mar 02
Secret Thai Hangover Cure & The Hang Energy Drink

Years ago in Thailand there was a popular hangover drink called Hang that was made by the famous Thai energy drink maker Osotspa, creators of the Kingdom’s top-selling energy drink, M-150. Hang was made in 3 different formulas (Original, Foreplay, and Virgin), which included ingredients that improved liver function, settled stomachs, and boosted cognitive function. […]

Feb 29
Thai Butterfly Pea Tea – Nootropic Blue Tea

For centuries, Thai Butterfly Pea Tea (also known as Blue Tea) has been treasured in Thai culture as a delicious nootropic with potent healing properties. Known as “Cha Anchan” (ชาอัญชัน) in Thai, this vibrant brew is sourced from the petals of the Clitoria ternatea flower, which gives it its distinctive blue hue — and yes, […]

Aug 09
Thailand Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers

Arokhayasala at Kham Pramong Temple in Sakon Nakhon is one of Thailand’s most prominent alternative cancer treatment centers. Established in 2004 by the Buddhist monk Pra Ajarn Paponpat Jiradhammo (who once cured himself of cancer), Arokhayasala is the first traditional Thai medicine hospital dedicated to treating cancer patients. It’s traditional approach is integrated with modern […]

Jul 20
Treat a Scorpion Sting in Thailand

With the rainy season upon us, many people are seeing scorpions in Thailand — as the scary-looking arachnids escape from their flooded burrows. While there are treatments such as hydrocortisone cream to apply to a scorpion sting, Thais have been treating such stings for centuries, long before modern medicines. So, instead of heading to a […]

Apr 02
Thai Cure for Arthritis, Back Pain & Muscle Aches

Are you looking for a cure for arthritis, back pain, or muscle aches of any kind in Thailand? There is a Thai herbal remedy for pain relief that you should know about. It can be found in the homes of probably hundreds of thousands of Thais throughout the Kingdom. This cure for pain is called […]

Mar 19
Thai Jackfruit Recipes, Health Benefits, and Nutrition

The jackfruit season in Northeastern Thailand (especially in provinces like Sakon Nakhon) begins March and continues through July. Jackfruit is one of Thailand’s most amazing fruits. And it is used in a variety of Thai dishes, desserts, and salads. It is a superfood, loaded with nutritional value and medicinal benefits (according to traditional Thai folk […]

Mar 12
Kratom Use in Thailand: History, Effects & Benefits

Kratom use in Thailand stretches back hundreds of years and is an integral part of Thai culture, especially in the southern provinces, such as Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat, where the largest numbers of Thai Muslims reside. Kratom is a deciduous tree native to Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. It has big, broad leaves that […]

Jan 29
Thai Bulletproof Coffee – Phu Phan Coffee Benefits

Bulletproof coffee has been popular in the United States for a number of years. Made by mixing grass-fed butter or coconut oil with your morning cup of joe, bulletproof coffee is drunk by many people who are on the keto diet. Enthusiasts say that bulletproof coffee improves digestive health and blood sugar levels. It also […]

Jan 14
The Best Thai Cough Medicine – Brown Mixture

While we haven’t had any colds in Thailand for over 7 years (after daily supplementing with Vitamin D and Zinc), when we did get coughs and colds, the best Thai cough medicine we ever used was Leopard Brand’s Brown Mixture, otherwise known as Ya Gae Ai Nam Dam (ยาแก้ไอน้ำดำ), which translates to black cough medicine. […]

Jan 12
The Best Thai Stomach Medicine – Food Poisoning Cure

Previously we wrote about what to do if you get diarrhea in Thailand. Today, we’ll talk about what many people view as the best Thai stomach medicine, one that can help cure food poisoning, or allow you to eat spicy Thai food without heartburn (if that is a problem for you). The natural Thai medicine […]