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Thai Bulletproof Coffee – Phu Phan Coffee Benefits

Bulletproof coffee has been popular in the United States for a number of years. Made by mixing grass-fed butter or coconut oil with your morning cup of joe, bulletproof coffee is drunk by many people who are on the keto diet. Enthusiasts say that bulletproof coffee improves digestive health and blood sugar levels. It also is said to promote weight loss. However, there are some potential downsides, such as reduced overall nutrient intake and increased cholesterol levels.

So, if you are looking for an alternative to traditional bulletproof coffee, you have an excellent option when visiting Sakon Nakhon (Thailand), which is the home of Phu Phan Coffee, an instant coffee supplemented with 35 different health-promoting herbs and supplements. Named after the Phu Phan Mountains of Sakon Nakhon, where many of the herbs and ingredients are grown, Phu Phan Coffee is an OTOP Thai Coffee which is sold at various OTOP (One Tambon One Product) shops throughout Sakon Nakhon province.

Phu Phan Coffee, however, is not manufactured in Sakon Nakhon, and there are no coffee beans currently grown in the province. This bulletproof coffee was made from Arabica beans that likely were grown in Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai — the two most popular coffee growing regions in Thailand (which we have discussed in depth in our series of Thai Coffee Reviews).  Phu Phan Coffee is manufactured in Phatum Thani province in central Thailand, and sold exclusively in Sakon Nakhon at a price of 250 baht for a box of 10 sachets.


Phu Phan Coffee - Sakon Nakhon
Phu Phan Bulletproof Thai Coffee has 35 added Herbs & Supplements


Phu Phan Coffee has a rather distinctive flavor, which some people love or hate. Because it doesn’t have that much coffee in it (to make room for the 35 healthy supplements), we suggest mixing the sachet with a cup of ordinary black coffee and adding some extra hot water, or mixing the sachet with boiling water and then topping it off with a shot or double shot of espresso (our preferred method). This both improves the flavor and the immediate kick.

Drinking Phu Phan Coffee has many healthy benefits. It is an excellent morning drink if you are trying to get over a cold in Thailand (read our post on the best Thai cough medicine). Other benefits include better management of blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and good cholesterol levels, as well as improved brain function, circulation, and virility. Listed below are all 35 of the supplements included in this Thai bulletproof coffee, and some of their associated benefits (the other 4 ingredients of this 39 in 1 instant coffee are Arabica coffee beans, non-dairy creamer, and sweeteners).


Benefits of Thai Bulletproof Coffee + Supplements


✅ Finger Root Powder – Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-oxidant, and Aphrodisiac

✅ Goji Berry Extract – Promotes better sleep and weight loss, and boosts the immune system

✅ Prune Powder – Promotes digestive health and increased calcium retention in bones

✅ Beta-Glucan – Reduced risk of heart disease and bad cholesterol levels

✅ White Kidney Bean Extract – Promotes increased energy levels and supports athletic performance

✅ Cordyceps Extract – Promotes heart health and has anti-aging and anti-cancer properties

✅ Green Coffee Bean Extract – A weight loss aid that also promotes blood sugar regulation

✅ Green Tea Extract – Reduces high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and prevents heart disease

✅ Turmeric Extract Powder – Relieves arthritis, anxiety, muscle soreness

✅ Reishi Extract – Reduce stress, improves sleep, and lessens fatigue

✅ Ginseng Extract – Boosts brain health, immune function, sexual performance

✅ Jiaogulan Extract – Strengthens immune system, and increases stamina and endurance

✅ Dong Quai Extract – “Female ginseng”. Reduces cramps and symptoms of depression

✅ Ginkgo Biloba Extract – Improved cognitive function, circulation, and relieves allergies

✅ Garcinia Extract – Helps with weight loss, reduces appetite, and lowers cholesterol

✅ L-Carnitine L-Tartrate – Helps to prevent exercise fatigue and muscle weakness

✅ Spirulina Powder – Promotes heart health, gut health, and muscle strength

✅ Moringa Oleifera Extract – Lowers blood sugar levels and improves stomach health

✅ Acerola Cherry Extract – Helps keep you youthful and strengthens the immune system

✅ L-Arginine – Lowers blood pressure and enhances blood flow to vital organs

✅ L-Glutathione – Reduces cell damage in alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

✅ Avocado Powder – Promotes heart health, healthier skin, and aids in digestion

✅ Black Sesame Powder – Promotes healthy hair and skin. Anti-cancer properties.

✅ Plu Kaow Extract – Maintains a healthy respiratory system and prevents virus infection

✅ Coenzyme Q10 – Improved aging, exercise performance, and relieves diabetes symptoms

✅ Calcium Amino Acid Chelate – Relieves symptoms related to calcium deficiency

✅ Zinc Amino Acid Chelate – Reduce the duration of cold symptoms and decrease heart disease risk

✅ Psyllium Husk Powder – Helps relieve constipation, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome

✅ Beta-Carotene – Protects the body from damaging molecules called free radicals

✅ Lutein – Prevents eye diseases, including cataracts

✅ Vitamin C – Promotes a healthy immune system

✅ Vitamin A – Promotes healthy vision and cell division

✅ Vitamin B1 – Boosts energy and helps fight depression

✅ Vitamin B6 – Supports a healthy brain and nervous system

✅ Vitamin B12 – Boosts energy and helps to maintain a good mood


So, as you can see this Phu Phan Coffee (aka Thai Bulletproof Coffee) provides your body with a whole lot more protection and benefits than ordinary bulletproof coffee. So, give it a try when visiting us in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand.


David Alan