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Secret Thai Hangover Cure & The Hang Energy Drink

Years ago in Thailand there was a popular hangover drink called Hang that was made by the famous Thai energy drink maker Osotspa, creators of the Kingdom’s top-selling energy drink, M-150. Hang was made in 3 different formulas (Original, Foreplay, and Virgin), which included ingredients that improved liver function, settled stomachs, and boosted cognitive function.

The Virgin formula was to be enjoyed at any time, even when not drinking. But hard core drinkers would usually start the night with a bottle of Hang Foreplay, toss down a bottle of Virgin in the middle of the night, and the next morning drinking one or two bottles of Hang Original.

In Thailand the word “hang” (แฮ้ง) means hangover, being derived from the English word. The Hang energy drinks actually worked pretty well for many people, and could be found in most of Thailand’s ubiquitous 7-11s.

However, Hang was inexplicably discontinued several years ago, along with another Osotspa energy drink called Shark, which was Thailand’s first carbonated energy drink and my personal favorite.


Hang - Thai Energy Drink
The Hang detox drink to cure hangovers in Thailand included B vitamins and special herbs.

Party goers in Thailand (including many expats and tourists) still search 7-11 refrigerators in vain, hoping that Osotspa will re-introduce Hang but with no luck.

However, there is a secret Thai hangover cure that you can try if you’re planning a big night out in the Big Mango or upcountry. This cure isn’t even known by many Thais, except for those over 50 who still maintain the old ways of Thai wisdom and traditional medicines.

This secret Thai hangover cure is the herb known as “rang jeut” (รางจืด), which in English is known as the blue trumpet vine (Thunbergia Laurifolia). For centuries, this herb was used to treat not only hangovers in Thailand but ailments such as high fever, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stomach aches.

For some reason blue trumpet vine fell off the folk medicine radar, likely because other, more common, herbs were available to treat many of the same ailments (as well as of course modern medicines). So, most Thai people no longer realize that it can be used as a hangover cure.

In the old days, heavy Thai drinkers would chew the vine while drinking and the next day. Today, those who use the herb as a hangover cure usually drink tea made from the vine. If you would like to try it yourself, “rang jeut tea” (ชารางจืด) can be bought online or in some specialty shops.

You can also buy dried “rang jeut” vine and make the tea to cure your hangover in Thailand. You simply boil pieces of the vine and add lime and/or honey to taste. It is best to drink a couple cups before you go out drinking, a cup when you get back home, and a couple more cups the next morning. We also suggest drinking Thai Butterfly Pea Tea (Iced) throughout the morning.


Thailand Energy Drinks
Shark was another Thai energy drink from Osotspa which like Hang was discontinued.
David Alan
Sakon Nakhon Isaan