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Preecha Suksan Waterfalls

Preecha Suksan Waterfalls (น้ำตกปรีชาสุขสันต์) is a waterfall courtyard on a hillside of the Phu Phan Mountains in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand. The stream slopes about 30-40 degrees down the hillside, creating multiple waterfalls separated by pools of water (where locals swim to cool off on a hot day) and natural water slides for the adventurous. The waterfalls are about 40 minutes from downtown Sakon Nakhon, and are part of the Phu Phan National Park. Traveling to the waterfalls requires a motorbike, because the mountain road that leads to the waterfalls is too washed out for even a truck to navigate. Please see our photo gallery below. To read our full profile of this natural tourist attraction, please visit: Pricha Suksan Waterfall.

Sakon Nakhon Waterfalls Photo Gallery

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