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Thailand Lakeside Retreat: Nam Un Reservoir

One of the loveliest places in Northeast Thailand is the area around Nam Un Reservoir in Sakon Nakhon. Nong Han Lake, the largest natural lake in Northeast Thailand, tends to get all of the attention among tourists to Sakon Nakhon, but the beautiful Nam Un Reservoir, with rolling Phu Phan mountains clearly visible in the distance, is an oasis in the Isaan countryside.

There are several unique Thai temples in the vicinity of the reservoir. The two most notable are Wat Doi Thep Niramit (The Hilltop Temple of God’s Creation), which is located on the reservoir’s only island, and the lakeside temple Wat Pa Saeng Tham Khantiko (วัดป่าแสงธรรมขันติโก). Both temples are on hills that provide gorgeous views of Nam Un Lake. Visiting the area makes for a perfect day trip from Sakon Nakhon city, which is about an hour away.

Nam Un: Isaan Lakeside Retreat