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Wat Pa Don Pradu Mongkhon Thip Photo Gallery

Wat Pa Don Pradu Mongkhon Thip (วัดป่าดอนประดู่มงคลทิพย์) is a Sakon Nakhon temple that flies under the radar of most people, even among the locals who live in the province. The architecture, statues, paintings, and design of the temple are all quite interesting and unique. In particular, the temple’s use of miniature reflective tiles and gold bricks with the Buddha in bas relief are dazzling to see. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the temple from downtown Sakon Nakhon. But the journey takes you on a lovely drive on a road that parallels a canal most of the way. It is also only a minute or two away from another lovely temple, Wat Thep Sawat.

For a full profile of this temple, please visit the page: Wat Pa Don Pradu Mongkhon Thip.



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