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How to Say “Like” in Thai Like Your Really Mean It!

In today’s learn Thai lesson, we are going to teach you not only how to say like in Thai but to how to say like in Thai like you really mean it! The word like in Thai is among the most common words you will hear in Sakon Nakhon. It also is one of those Thai words that most Thais will expect you to know, since it is included in nearly every Thailand guidebook.

The word like in Thai is just one syllable like its English counterpart and is pronounced châwp. It is a rather easy Thai word to remember, especially after you hear it said a few times — because the word châwp seems to reflect the feeling of liking something better than the word like itself.

So, let’s get to our Thai language lesson. If you really like something or someone, here is how to say like in Thai with gusto. We’ll use Sakon Nakhon as our example.

ผม ชอบ สกลนคร มากๆ จริงๆ

Phŏm châwp sakon nakhon mâhk mâhk jing jing.

I like Sakon Nakhon a lot a lot truly truly.

Seriously. I really like Sakon Nakhon.

Now that you have learned how to say like in the Thai language, have some fun learning a bunch of other Thai language in culture in our Top 30 Free Thai Lessons!


David Alan