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Geng! Learn English for ASEAN is a fun workbook for Sakon Nakhon business people, government workers, and students who would like to learn basic English. It was written by Ajarn David of Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University, and was given to us to distribute for free online. You can view the book online below or download it to print out at the following link:

Learn English for ASEAN (Right Click to Download)

The Geng! workbook is divided into 4 sections: Time (Days, Dates, Hours & More), Money (Shopping, Banking & More), Health, Happiness & Feelings, and Travel (Locations, Directions & More). Thai translations are accompanied by jumbled English sentences, which the student has to put into the correct order, and then match with the correct question or reply. Full length dialogues in English which are set in Thailand are also included, where students must fill in the blanks with the appropriate words which are provided at the end of the dialogue.

Geng! Learn English for ASEAN is appropriate for both Mathayom and upper grade Prathom students, as well as university students and Thai professionals who want to develop basic English skills. Sakon Nakhon English teachers or self-study students who would like to get the answers to this book can send an email to Ajarn David. His rajabhat university email is included on the PDF file.

David Alan