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Thai Words with Heart (Learn Jai Words)

Today we will help you learn the most 40 commonly used heart words (jai words) in the Thai Language. In the flip book below, you’ll learn all the Thai heart words needed to share your feelings with your Thai friends, and to better understand their feelings too. Each Thai heart word is written in both the Thai script and an easy to understand phonetic spelling in English. However, it should be noted that to really speak Thai well, you should learn how to read Thai, which is much easier than it appears at first glance.

Each “jai word” (Thai heart word) is defined both figuratively and literally. This is followed by a commonly heard sample sentence that uses the jai word, an equivalent sentence in English, and a word for word translation of the Thai into English. This way, you will see exactly how sentences with Thai heart words are formed and quickly begin creating your own jai word sentences to use with your Thai friends, colleagues, wife, husband, or significant other.

Learning how to use Thai words with heart helps you better understand how Thai people view the world and interact with one another. In addition, it reveals beautiful aspects of Thai culture — just others languages do with their own respective cultures. For example, the musicality of the Italian language seems tailor made for poetry and opera; the vast multicultural vocabulary of the English language makes it a useful tool for modern science; and the heart talk of the Thai language reveals how we can communicate with kindness, understanding, sympathy, patience, and joy.

Learning how to use heart/jai words not only helps you better understand the spirit of the Thai people, it helps you better understand yourself. Good luck on your adventures in language and your journey in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand.

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Special thanks to for allowing us to re-publish this resource of Jai Heart Words for learning the Thai language. You can download the free e-book here: Thai Words with Heart.