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Learn how to flirt in Thai with 40 sentences that Thais use to flirt with both lovers and friends of the opposite sex. Flirting in Thai really is no different than flirting in your own native language. To do it successfully (and without potentially offending the other person) just means keeping a smile on your face and laughter in your heart. As with our flip books on Thai Words with Heart and Common Thai Expressions, in the book below you’ll find commonly used Thai sentences not found in other Thai phrasebooks, language books, and online learning lists.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for our new Top 10 compliments for flirting in Thai.

A special note about the personal pronouns used in the How to Flirt in Thai learning material. While chăn is commonly used by both sexes for I/me when talking to friends, in other situations you may want to use the more polite forms: “phŏm” (spoken by males) and “dee-chăn” (spoken by females). Likewise, you may want to use the polite form “khun” (meaning you) instead of the informal “thuh” that we use in this book and is most commonly spoken between lovers. The other option is to avoid the pronoun issue altogether by dropping the pronoun if it can be understood by context or using your name and/or the other person’s name instead of a personal pronoun.

Unlike in English, it is not strange to use your name to refer to yourself instead of using the I pronoun; although this happens more with women than with men.  Each English sentence in How to Flirt in Thai is followed by a colloquial Thai translation in the Thai script; followed by an easy to read phonetic spelling (with tones) in English; followed then by a word for word translation of the Thai in English, so that you know exactly which English word corresponds to the Thai word.

The Thai particles in How to Flirt in Thai have been separated into the following categories: question, softener, emphasis, and encourager. These particles often have no English equivalent. Therefore, they are transcribed in the literal English translations inside parentheses as: (question), (soften), (emph.), and (urge). In addition the Thai word gâw, which is often used as a marker to join two clauses, is signified as: (joiner). Here are 10 “how to flirt in Thai” sample entries from the book below.


Top 10 Flirt in Thai Sentences

1. I’ll never get tired of telling you I love you.

บอก รัก เธอ ทุก วัน ไม่เคย เบื่อ

Bàwk rák thuh thóok wan mâi kheuy bèua.

lit. tell love you every day not ever bored


2. Can I kiss your cheek?

ขอ หอม แก้ม เธอ ได้ ไม่

Khăw hăwm gâem thuh dâi mâi?

lit. request kiss cheek you can (question)


3. Every day I smile at you secretly.

แอบ ยิ้ม ให้ ธอ ทุก วัน

Àep yím hâi thuh thóok wan.

lit. secretly smile give you every day


4. When you woke up this morning, did you miss me?

ตื่นนอน ตอนเช้า คิดถึง กัน หรือเปล่า

Dtèun-nawn dtawn-cháo khít-thĕung gan rĕu bplào.

lit. wake up morning miss together or not


5. Sweet dreams, baby.

นอนหลับ ฝัน ดี ที่รัก

Nawn-làp făn dee, thêe-rák.

lit. sleep dream good, lover


6. I’ve never loved anyone like this.

ไม่ เคย รัก ใคร ขนาด นี้

Mâi kheuy rák khrai khà-nàht née.

lit. not ever love anyone extent this


7. I know it; I know you miss me.

ก็ รู้ ว่า เธอ คิดถึง กัน ฉัน ก็ รู้

Gâw róo wâh thuh khít-thĕung gan, chăn gâw róo.

lit. also know that you miss each other, I (connect) know


8. We were meant for each other.

ฉัน และ เธอ ต้อง เคียง คู่

Chăn láe thuh dtâwng khiang khôo.

lit. I and you must be close pair


9. Aren’t you tired from running in my heart all day?

เหนื่อย ไหม วันนี้ ที่ วิ่ง อยู่ ใน ใจ ฉัน

Nèuay măi wan-née thêe wîng yòo nai jai chăn?

lit. tired (question) who run be in heart me


10. I think you are flirting with me

คิด ว่า จีบ ผม หน่อย

Khít wâh jèep phŏm nòi.

lit. think that flirt me little

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How to Talk to a Thai Lady

How to Flirt in Thai with Compliments

Using compliments is an excellent way to flirt in Thai, when you are little unsure if the other person is interested in you or not. It is also an excellent way to maintain a Thai girlfriend and/or keep your Thai wife happy. After all, we all love compliments! And unfortunately, it is something that we often overlook doing after being in a relationship for a while.


1. You have beautiful eyes / lips / smile / hair.

คุณมีตา / ริมฝีปาก / ยิ้ม / ผม สวยๆ

Khun mee dtaa / rim-fĕe bpàak / yím / pŏm · sŭay sŭay


2. You have good taste. You dress really well.

คุณมีรสนิยมที่ดี คุณแต่งตัวได้สวยมากเลยนะ

Khun mee rót ní-yom têe dee. · Khun dtàeng dtua dâai sŭay mâak loie ná.


3. It’s fun talking with you. You are not like everyone else.

คุยกับคุณสนุกมาก คุณไม่เหมือนคนอื่น

Khui gàp kun sà-nùk mâak. · Khun mâi mĕuan khon èun.


4. You look great today. But, then again, you always look good.

วันนี้คุณดูดีมาก แต่คุณดูดีอยู่เสมอ

Wan-née khun doo dee mâak. · Dtàe khun doo dee yòo sà-mĕu.


5. You are so interesting. I like spending time with you.

คุณน่าสนใจมาก ผมชอบเวลาที่ผมได้ใช้เวลาอยู่กับคุณ

Khun nâa sŏn jai mâak. · Phŏm chôp way-laa têe phŏm dâai chái way-laa yòo gàp khun.

You are so interesting. I like spending time with you.


6. That selfie is beautiful. You’re always lovely.

เซลฟี่สวย คุณน่ารักอยู่เสมอเลยนะ

Sel-fêe sŭay. · Khun nâa-rák yòo sà-mĕu loie.


7. Thank you. You’re always so generous.

ขอบคุณมาก คุณใจบุญอยู่เสมอเลยนะ

Khàwp khun mâak. · Khun jai-bun yòo sà-mĕu loie ná.


8. Well done! I’m so impressed!

ทำได้ดีมาก รู้สึกประทับใจมากเลย

Tham dâai dee mâak! · Róo-sèuk bprà-táp-jai mâak loie.


9. You are really smart/clever. You can accomplish anything.

คุณฉลาดมากเลย คุณสามารถทำอะไรให้สำเร็จก็ได้

Khun chà-làat mâak loie. Khun săa-mâat tham a-rai hâi săm-rèt gôr dâai.


10. You are so talented. Is there anything you can’t do?!

คุณเก่งมากจริงๆ มีอะไรที่คุณทำไม่ได้ไหมเนี่ย

Khun gèng mâak jing jing. Mee a-rai têe kun tam mâi dâai măi nîa.