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Learn Thai for Expat Family Life in Thailand

In Sakon Nakhon, there are a number of long term expats with Thai families. So, in this post we are going to help those married expats with a Learn Thai Language lesson that is targeted to family life. In the flip book below, you’ll find 40 common sentences which Thai parents speak to their children – sentences that cover the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and dining room; upstairs and downstairs; inside the house and outside the home. These are the kind of sentences left out from other Thai phrasebooks, language books, and websites, which spend most of their time dealing with the needs of tourists and not those of expats with Thai families.

Each English sentence in Learn Thai for Expats mini-book is followed by a colloquial Thai translation in the Thai script; followed by an easy to read phonetic spelling (with tones) in English; followed then by a word for word translation of the Thai in English, so that you know exactly which English word corresponds to the Thai word.

Married expats in Thailand will also find useful our language lessons on Thai Heart Words and Common Thai Expressions, while single expats who have not yet tied the knot should check out our lesson on How to Flirt in Thai.

Special thanks to for allowing us to re-publish this resource of Thai language for expats with children. You can download the free e-book here: Learn Thai for Expat Family Life.