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Nan Thung Chang Aroma – Thai Coffee Review

Nan Thung Chan by the Aroma Group is an award winning Thai coffee, having won a gold medal at the International Coffee Tasting (2018) in Milan Italy. This coffee tasting event was established in 2008 by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters, a network of over 12,000 professional coffee tasters in 40 countries. Every year at the event, hundreds of coffees are tasted from around the word. It is a completely blind taste that follows strict, technical evaluations regarding flavor profiles, so for Nan Thung Chan to have received a gold medal is an achievement worth celebrating.

Nan Thung Chang by Aroma is a Thai coffee made from Arabica beans grown in the Thung Chang District in Nan province. Nan is located in the North of Thailand, bordering Laos. It as an eastern-most province in Thailand’s Northern region, but it is not considered part of Isaan or Northeastern Thailand. Thung Chan (which translates to Elephant Field) is a mountainous Northern district within the province, one that is known for its coffee plantations, as well as its delicious tangerines and rambutan. Its gorgeous mountain landscape and climate attracts many Thai tourists.


The Best Thai Coffee by Aroma
Nan Thung Chan by Aroma (Thailand) won a Gold Medal at the International Coffee Tasting in 2018.


Nan Thung Chang Thai Coffee Review

For our taste test of Nan Thung Chang, we used their drip coffee, which is sold in a box of five, single use pouches. Price was 98 baht, which was a little less expensive than the box of five drip coffees we bought from Cafe Amazon (135 baht) and Bluekoff (105 baht). Aroma rates this coffee as 4/5 in Roast Level, 4/5 in Body, and 3/5 in acidity. It is a 100% Arabica bean Thai coffee.

Our review of Nan Thung Chang is that it had a distinctly smoky essence. There was also a strong toasted (bordering on burnt) flavor that reminded us of vintage Folgers coffee made in a percolator. This isn’t a criticism! While coffee aficionados sneer at percolated coffee these days, many people fave fond memories of coffee made that way, and “burnt” isn’t always bad, as “burnt and blue” (Pittsburgh Rare) is our favorite way to have a steak.

Nan Thung Chang had perhaps the best smelling coffee grounds (prior to the pouring in of the hot water) that we have experienced to date in our Thai coffee review series. The energy boost was very level and clean. So, we would rate this as a solid offering among Thailand’s coffee, which should especially appeal to older coffee drinkers who have memories of “fresh-perked” coffee.