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Phu Pha Yon Mountain – National Parks in Thailand

Phu Pha Yon Mountain, which is part of Phu Pha Yon National Park, is one of the best places in Thailand for people who love nature, history, and the spiritual life. Phu Pha Yon translates to “Sacred Mountain”. It is the location of the Phu Pha Yon Petroglyphs: ancient rocks carvings that are over 3,500 years old. It is also home to Wat Tham Phu Pha Yon, which exists on the mountainside whose summit provides gorgeous views of Sakon Nakhon province and features a large Buddha footprint created in honor of the late King Bhumibol the Great.

The hiking opportunities around Phu Pha Yon mountain are many, and include opportunities (if lucky) to see wildlife such as monkeys, deer, and dholes (wild Asian dogs that are kin to the fox). The mountain is located a little over an hour from Sakon Nakhon city in the Tao Ngoi District.


Phu Pha Yon Mountain - National Park