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Thai Birthday Traditions, Buddha Amulets, Deities & Spells

Many Thailand birthday traditions are intertwined with spirituality and mysticism, including lucky Buddha amulets, magical spells/incantations, and personal birthday gods who act as Thai guardian angels. These Thai birthday traditions are unique to each day of the week (corresponding to the day you were born).

Not all Thai people are familiar with all of these traditions, but those who have an interest in astrology or who visit a “mor doo” or fortune teller (a practice much more common in Thailand than in the West) are more likely to be aware of them. Some Thais have heard the birthday incantation/chant/prayer delivered by a Mor Doo when visiting fortune tellers on their birthday.


Monday Thai Birthday Traditions

Monday Birthday Deity: The Thai deity who oversees Monday births is Phra Chantha Thepabut (พระจันทะเทพบุตร). He is also the personal angel for those born under Cancer in the Zodiac calendar. Phra Chantha Thepabut is the moon deity who rides a horse. He is associated with money, fortune, popularity, mercy, and great charm.

Monday Birthday Spell: If you were born on Monday and wish for good luck and blessings, repeat the following incantation “ee ra cha kha dta ra sa” (อิ ระ ชา คะ ตะ ระ สา) 15 times.

Monday Birthday Buddha Amulet: The standing Buddha where both hands are extended from the chest, the palms facing out, is the lucky amulet for Monday birthdays.

Monday Lucky Color: Black


Tuesday Thai Birthday Traditions

Tuesday Birthday Deity: The Thai guardian angel for Tuesday birthdays is Phra Bhumma Thepabut (พระภุมมะเทพบุตร). He rides a buffalo and is the Mars god. He is associated with bravery and strength.

Tuesday Birthday Spell: Those who were born on Tuesday should repeat the incantation dti hang cha dto ro thi nang” (ติ หัง จะ โต โร ถิ นัง) 8 times to receive good fortune.

Tuesday Birthday Buddha Amulet: The Reclining Buddha amulet is the lucky amulet for a Tuesday birthday.

Tuesday Lucky Color: Yellow


Thai Buddha Days of the Week
The Reclining Buddha is the Buddha Image for Wednesday Birthdays in Thailand

Wednesday Thai Birthday Traditions

Wednesday Birthday Deity: The Thai birthday deity for Wednesday births is Phra Vutha Thepabut (พระวุธะเทพบุตร), who rides an elephant and is said to be the son of the moon and star. He is associated with wisdom, power, and melodiousness.

Wednesday Birthday Spell: If you were born on Wednesday, chant the following spell: “bpi sam ra lo bpu sat phut” (ปิ สัม ระ โล ปุ สัต พุท) 17 times to receive the blessings of Phra Vutha Thepabut.

Wednesday Birthday Buddha Amulet: The lucky amulet for a Wednesday birthday is the Buddha holding an alms bowl.

Wednesday Lucky Color: Green


Thursday Thai Birthday Traditions

Thursday Birthday Deity: Phra Guru Thepabut (พระคุรุเทพบุตร) is the Thai deity for people born on Thursdays. He is regarded as the teacher of all gods and rides a deer. Lord Shiva is said to have created him by grinding up 19 hermits and wrapping them in yellow cloth. His is associated with wisdom, growth, and compassion.

Thursday Birthday Spell: If you were born on Thursday, you can enhance your personal growth and success by chanting the incantation: “pha sam sam wi sa te pha” (ภะ สัม สัม วิ สะ เท ภะ) 19 times.

Thursday Birthday Buddha Amulet: The Buddha in the meditation posture is the lucky amulet for Thursday birthdays.

Thursday Lucky Color: Orange


Thai Buddhas Days of the Week
The Buddha in a Meditation Posture is the Lucky Buddha Amulet for Thursday Birthdays in Thailand

Friday Thai Birthday Traditions

Friday Birthday Deity: Phra Sukkathepabut (พระสุกกะเทพบุตร) is the Thai deity who protects people born on Friday. He is considered the deity of love and rides a cow. He is associated with beauty, clarity, and sweetness.

Friday Birthday Spell: Repeat the incantation “wah tho no a ma wah” (วา โธ โน อะ มะ มะ วา) 21 times to receive the blessings of love from Phra Sukkathepabut.

Friday Birthday Buddha Amulet: The Buddha with the arms/hands crossed in front of the chest is the lucky amulet for Friday births.

Friday Lucky Color: Pink


Saturday Thai Birthday Traditions

Saturday Birthday Deity: The Thai deity who oversees Saturday birthdays is Phra Sura Thepabut (พระสุระเทพบุตร). He is the god of Saturn and rides a tiger. He is associated with ferocity, strength, and patience.

Saturday Birthday Spell: If you are Saturday’s child, repeat the following incantation: “so mah na ka ri tha tho” (โส มา ณะ กะ ริ ถา โธ) 10 times for good fortune and the strength to overcome obstacles.

Saturday Birthday Buddha Amulet: The lucky amulet for Saturday births is the seated Buddha protected by the multi-headed Naga serpent king.

Saturday Lucky Color: Blue


Thai Birthday Buddha Amulets
The Buddha Protected by the Multi-Headed Naga Serpent King is the Saturday Birthday Buddha in Thailand

Sunday Thai Birthday Traditions

Sunday Birthday Deity: Phra Suriya Thepabut (พระสุริยะเทพบุตร) is the Thai deity who acts as guardian angel for people born on Sunday. He is the Sun god and rides a lion. He is associated with warmth, nurturing, and enlightenment.

Sunday Birthday Spell: To receive blessings from Phra Suriya Thepabut, repeat the incantation “a wit su noot sah noot dti” (อะ วิช สุ นุส สา นุต ติ) 6 times.

Sunday Birthday Buddha Amulet: The standing Buddha with the right hand cover the left in front, below the waistline is the lucky amulet for Sunday births.

Sunday Luck Color: Green