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Wat Tham Kham Photo Gallery

Wat Tham Kham (วัดถ้ำขาม) is one of the most important temples in Northeastern Thailand. Located atop Phu Kham Mountain (about 40 minutes from Sakon Nakhon city), Wat Tham Kham provides gorgeous views of Sakon Nakhon province, and is a popular place for meditation and merit making

The temple grounds feature a stunning pagoda that honors the lives of 2 highly revered monks Ajahn Thate Desaransi and Ajahn Fan Acharo (who first established the temple above an abandoned tiger cave). The bronze statue with gold flakes in the center of the pagoda is of Luang Pu Thate. The old tiger cave is located below the pagoda and cliff face. The cave houses Buddhist artifacts, stone engravings, and statues of the famous monks. To read our full review of this beautiful Thai temple, please go to: Wat Tham Kham.

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