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Sakon Nakhon Poem – Isaan Thailand Poetry in English

We recently asked the Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT bot to write a poem about Sakon Nakhon and were quite surprised by the result of its first attempt at Thai poetry in English. The original Thailand poem hit many of the right notes, mentioning rice fields, temples, lakes, lotus flowers, rolling hills, etc. And we simply made a few minor edits and additions to get to our final Sakon Nakhon poem below.

Sakon Nakhon

In the land of Sakon Nakhon, where the rice fields grow,
the people are so warm and kind, and the air is soft and slow.
The sun sets in the west each day, painting skies with gold,
and in the temples by the lake, the sounds of prayers are told.

The lakes are filled with lotus flowers, as peaceful as a dream,
and at night, the flames of fires dance, and stars fill the streams.
The markets are alive with life, with food and sights to see,
and the scent of jasmine fills the air, while the spirits rise to be.

Sakon Nakhon is a place of peace, of gentle, rolling hills,
where farmers tend their fields by day, and bow to the Buddha still.
And in the hearts of all who live there, is a love for their home land,
for the mountains and the rice fields, and the gentle, caring hand.

So here’s to Sakon Nakhon, a place of grace and peace,
with its friendly Isaan people, and a beauty that’ll never cease.
It’s a place where one can find a home, and all the joys it brings,
and a place that lives forever, in the memories of Thai kings.


Thailand Poems in English


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David Alan