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The Largest Thao Wessuwan Giant in Thailand

Wat Amalakaram (วัดอัมลการาม) in Sakon Nakhon now has built the largest statue of Thao Wessuwan in Thailand. Last month the Buddhist temple held a prayer ceremony to celebrate the completion of the statue, which goes by the name Thao Wessuwan Thanjai (ท้าวเวสสุวรรณทันใจ). The word “than-jai” in Thai means instantly. It was included in the name of the statue, because ever since construction began, local villagers have reported miraculous good luck! In particular, the elimination of debts and money problems.

For example, some villagers finally sold land or cars at their asking price. Others had improved business profits. While others had unexpected cash windfalls. At the prayer ceremony for Thao Wessuwan Thanjai (which was built in a mere 99 days), a local almshouse gave away 100,000 free eggs, so everyone who attended did receive a small windfall of sorts.


ท้าวเวสสุวรรณทันใจ Sakon Nakhon
The largest Thao Wessuwan statue in Thailand measures 11.5 meters from the base.

Thao Wessuwan is a deity in Thai mythology. He is one of the four celestial guardians of the cardinal directions in Thai Buddhist cosmology. Thao Wessuwan’s region of protection is the North. He is considered a powerful and protective deity who guards against evil spirits and malevolent influences, and is often invoked for good luck, success, and prosperity.

While Thao Wessuwan may remind you have the Yaksha giants seen at Thai temples, they are different mythological figures. Thao Wessuwan is the Lord of the Giants, as well as of ghosts. Yaksha are not deities but supernatural beings in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. However, they do have some similarity with Thao Wessuwan, in that they are protectors of Thai temples, Buddhism, and those who are engaged in the practice of meditation. In addition, they are associated with wealth and prosperity.

In ancient Thai scriptures it is said that whoever hopes for prosperity in the form of fortune, property, money, or power, should seek the assistance and blessing of Thao Wessuwan. To visit Wat Amalakaram and make merit at the largest Thao Wessuwan giant statue in Thailand (ท้าวเวสสุวรรณทันใจ), you can get directions by clicking HERE. At the temple, you can write a wish on a red ribbon and it tie to one of the areas around the Thao Wessuwan statue. There is also a box in which you can drop photocopies of a land deed, so that Thao Wessuwan can help you sell your property.


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