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Wat Sawang Tek Somboon – Thai Temple Photo Gallery

Wat Sawang Tek Somboon (วัดสว่างเต็กสมบูรณ์) is a village temple in Sakon Nakhon. Its name means The Bright Temple of the Perfect Architect. This is an unusual name for a Thai temple, and its the only one with such a name in Thailand.

The Thai word “tek” (เต็ก) is an abbreviation of the English word architect, which in this context likely refers to the Lord Buddha, the architect of the Buddhist religion.

Wat Sawang Tek Somboon also has a large collection of beautiful Buddhist statues (unusually large for a small, village temple), including rarely seen statues such as the Chinese goddess “Guanyin with 18 Arms”.

To read our full profile of this rural Thai temple, go to: Wat Sawang Tek Somboon. But before you do, browse our full photo gallery below.

Wat Sawang Tek Somboon Photo Gallery